Turning Challenge Into Opportunity

How we overcome and deal with challenges all depends on how we look at them. When we see our challenges as opportunities for personal growth, new awareness or a positive shift in our life, we’re more likely to face our challenges and tackle them head on.

This is where I come in. I help you tackle your challenges head on and work with you to develop personal strategies. Whether it’s about your business, your personal life or both, I create a space for you to explore your blind spots, what’s holding you back and areas for growth. Then I empower and challenge you to create inspiring goals, design strategic action plans to achieve them so you can show up as your best, fully expressed self. Then just watch what happens in your business and in your life, you’ll be unstoppable!


Coaching will change your life. The question is, are you up for it? How badly do you want what you want? How badly do you want a positive change or step up to the next level? How sick are you of the struggle you’re in?

I invite you to experience my FREE 30 minute laser coaching session. My passion is working with people like you. Let’s go and change your life together! Dare to lean into the discomfort, be curious and experience the Courage Space. Because courage really works!


Dagmar Meachem

Who I Typically Work With

★  Organizations facing internal challenges looking to grow and make positive changes within their teams

★  Entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level

★  Business professionals who are generally unsatisfied and looking for a positive career change

★  Individuals feeling stuck amidst a life transition who need help getting to the next step

★  Young adults (17-20) who are unclear about what they want and are struggling personally with transition





How I Help My Clients

  • Working with you to clearly identify the outcomes you want
  • Encouraging you to see your challenges as useful and an opportunity for growth
  • Partnering with you to connect with your deep personal beliefs, values and vision for making a deep internal shift
  • Creating clear future plans and goals to inspire you to act and persevere and keeping you accountable
  • Facilitating the process to discover hidden commitments that may be standing in the way of your change, helping you get unstuck and unlocking your full potential
  • Offering a powerful approach through coaching and EQ training, to explore your emotional operating system, your personal effectiveness and how it relates to your team and organization, creating stronger relationships and more effective teams
  • Providing strategies to build resilience for navigating change and the unpredictable


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Inspiration Bites

Quick to read, bites of inspiration and motivation through quotes and wisdom to inspire you and give you what you need to keep chasing your goals, overcome your challenges and create new results.

The Visioning Experience


A good vision statement can inspire loyalty, hard work and innovation, says Simon Sinek.

How inspiring is your vision statement? Is it aligned with the true ‘why’ of your business or does it just sound good?

Create an Inspiring Vision Statement for Your Business

Sign up for the Visioning Experience package and develop a business vision that not only connects with your customers and target market but inspires those within your organization.

The Visioning Experience includes:

  • 1.5 hours powerful coaching
  • Discover or expand your business vision and purpose
  • Explore and strengthen your brand identity
  • Get clarity on the true ‘why’ of your business, the impact you want to make and the legacy you want to leave
  • Develop a strong marketing message

Book your appointment today. I look forward to helping you create an inspiring vision that will ensure that your business always stays on track.


Dagmar Meachem will help you to identify and explore those aspects of self that hold you back from reaching your full potential. In transitions she will come alongside to not only support but help you lay the foundation for your new season. In addition to professional knowledge and skills she brings a personal and deep understanding of what it takes to courageously face and conquer the challenges that life brings. She will help you to make that elusive break through in your life.
Vancouver, BC

John Radford Ph. D. Psychology

Conflict Consultant, Transpectives Consulting

Virtually each time Dagmar and I have a session, I experience a major shift regarding my business mindset. There have been issues regarding fear of success, dealing with opposition to my business by my family, lack of focus, just to name a few challenges. I didn’t even realize that I had these issues until speaking with Dagmar but they have been holding me back from doing what I love, well.  Read more.
Sawtell, Australia

Kim Connolly

Health Coach, KC Coaching

Dagmar expertly blends finely-tuned coaching skills and techniques with her intuition in her coaching practice. One of the biggest gifts from working with Dagmar is her presence: she shows up focused, attentive, authentic, and soothing – somehow always exactly what I need. Her approach has been so supportive and empowering while working through challenging topics. Working with Dagmar has helped me take action and see results.
London, ON

Taylor Cook

Learning Facilitator, FunTalk & Coach

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