The number one obstacle for entrepreneurs is themselves. Are you hungry to take your business or yourself to the next level but there’s something in the way? You work so hard, spending hours a day putting yourself out there wanting to achieve that success you hoped for when you started out. But you’re not getting the results or the success you want. Perhaps you’re even experiencing some stress and losing hope in the entrepreneurial dream?


I get it. I’ve been there many times. And what I learned in the process is that I had some hidden and subconscious commitments that were actually sabotaging my success. And it took someone from the outside to see them. That’s when I hired my coach 5 years ago and my life started to change.


Now I am a personal development coach and I typically work with individuals and organizations who may be stuck looking to get better results and achieve their desired success.  I guide them through change and transition, over the line into possibility, realized goals and a new future. I provide a space for growth through empowerment, tools and strategies to help you move forward and inspire your own personal development and transformation. Working with you and your team, I help you get past the obstacles holding you back on the way to unlocking your full potential and becoming your best self. And I’m committed to your goals with as much tenacity, drive and patience as you need me to be.


If you’re looking for positive change within yourself, your business or your organization meet with me for a FREE 30 minute Laser Coaching Session and experience the benefits of coaching. Dare to lean into the discomfort, be curious and experience the Courage Space. Because courage really works!

Dagmar Meachem

The Hardest Part of Change

Who I Typically Work With

★  Organizations facing internal challenges looking to grow and make positive changes within their teams

★  Entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level

★  Business professionals who are generally unsatisfied and looking for a positive career change

★  Individuals feeling stuck amidst a life transition who need help getting to the next step

★  Young adults (17-20) who are unclear about what they want and are struggling personally with transition

How I Help My Clients

  • Working with you to clearly identify the outcomes you want
  • Encouraging you to see your challenges as useful and an opportunity for growth
  • Partnering with you to connect with your deep personal beliefs, values and vision for making a deep internal shift
  • Creating clear future plans and goals to inspire you to act and persevere and keeping you accountable
  • Facilitating the process to discover hidden commitments that may be standing in the way of your change, helping you get unstuck and unlocking your full potential
  • Offering a powerful approach through coaching and EQ training, to explore your emotional operating system, your personal effectiveness and how it relates to your team and organization, creating stronger relationships and more effective teams
  • Providing strategies to build resilience for navigating change and the unpredictable

The Visioning Experience


A good vision statement can inspire loyalty, hard work and innovation, says Simon Sinek.

How inspiring is your vision statement? Is it aligned with the true ‘why’ of your business or does it just sound good?

Create an Inspiring Vision Statement for Your Business

Sign up for the Visioning Experience package and develop a business vision that not only connects with your customers and target market but inspires those within your organization.

The Visioning Experience includes:

  • 1.5 hours powerful coaching
  • Discover or expand your business vision and purpose
  • Explore and strengthen your brand identity
  • Get clarity on the true ‘why’ of your business, the impact you want to make and the legacy you want to leave
  • Develop a strong marketing message

Book your appointment today. I look forward to helping you create an inspiring vision that will ensure that your business always stays on track.

Work With Me

My Coaching Packages

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The Visioning Experience

Visioning for Entrepreneurs
  • 1.5 hr coaching session
  • Discover or re-discover your vision & purpose
  • Explore your brand identity
  • Get clarity on your why
  • Develop your message
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The Dive

3 Month Coaching Commitment
  • 9 x 1 Hour Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Sessions Per Month
  • Dive into exploring your goals
  • Discover what's holding you back
  • Create action plans to realize your goals
  • Create contingency plans to keep moving forward
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The Immersion

6 Month Coaching Commitment
  • 18 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Sessions per Month
  • 3 Month Package Plus:
  • ✷  Face your gremlins

  • ✷  Discover and overcome your immunity to change

  • ✷  Begin to experience transformation & lasting change

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