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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Unlocking your full potential through transformative change. 

I work with a variety of different professionals and organizations in the area of change, providing a space and framework to unlock their full potential and use change as an opportunity for growth. I partner with clients who are heavily invested in positive change for themselves and/or for their organization, connecting them to their deep personal beliefs, values and vision in order to achieve the outcomes and goals they want.

With my extensive coach training and specialization in emotional intelligence, I offer a unique and powerful approach to change, inviting clients to explore their emotional operating system, their own personal effectiveness, and how it relates to their team and organization.  I create the space for individuals to lean in to the discomfort, to be courageous, to become resourceful, to create solutions and to build powerful strategic plans. I then hold them accountable and keep them focused and on track to achieve the goals they commit to.

My clients experience:

  • Building a new level of resilience to navigate change and moving forward
  • Clarity around their core values and beliefs
  • Understanding their hidden commitments holding them back
  • Realizing and living at their full potential
  • Creating stronger and more fulfilling relationships
  • Increased productivity and sales in their organization
  • Better communication and collaboration in their teams
  • More balance in their life
  • A new level of excitement and motivation for their future

Having had my own coach for over 5 years now, I firmly believe coaching enhances the quality of life for both the individual being coached and the coach, and that it allows people to operate at their full capacity with joy and ease. It also assists people in being clear about their legacy.

Let’s lean in to the discomfort together, unlock your full potential and make some transformative change!

Emotional Intelligence Skills Development

Emotional Intelligence is the key differentiator between the star performing leaders and mediocre ones. It’s the difference between whether individuals are personally effective in their lives or not. Research shows that there are direct ties between emotional intelligence and measurable business results. And leadership training in the area of emotional intelligence has now been proven to be an effective investment for a growing number of local and global organizations.

I provide the MHS EQ-i Assessment tools as an effective map of an individual’s or group’s emotional operating system. Combined with one-on-one skills development coaching, individuals learn about how their emotions have a role to play in their own self worth, their self expression, their relationships, the way they handle stress and how they make decisions.  When working within organizations, the EQ-i assessment provides perspective in how their emotional effectiveness, or lack of, impacts their productivity,, their creative contribution, their ability to work well in teams, their ability to handle stress, their ability to empower and influence others and ultimately their ability to be effective leaders. And so when looking at an organization as a whole, it’s clear that the collective emotional intelligence of the group affects overall productivity and sales.

Explore the different EQ-i Reports that I offer and decide which one is right for you and/or your organization. Learn more. 


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