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Life Coaching To Inspire Full Potential

What is Full Potential?


Full potential is our capacity to be the best that we can be.

It’s a culmination of living from a place of our true authenticity, values and purpose while expanding as far as we can go with our skills and capabilities.

It’s the sweet spot we need to get to in order to live the life of purpose that we imagine for ourselves.

And the first step we need to take in reaching our full potential is making the choice to live courageously.

Courage is pushing through the discomfort of starting out on a new path,

even when you can’t see the destination.

Life Coaching


What is life coaching you may ask?

In my belief it’s coaching for the purpose of discovering and being your best self and living your best life. It’s about self discovery, it’s about moving through challenges and obstacles and it’s about going after what your really want in your life.

I help people move through challenges by providing an empowering space and framework to face their challenges and use them as an opportunity for growth and positive change. I honour and respect my clients and their journey and endeavour to create a space to be courageous, to be vulnerable, to be daring and to lean into the discomfort. Through the use of solution and future focused coaching methods and frameworks I guide individuals through the process of discovering their values, goals, dreams and inner obstacles and ‘gremlins’. I help individuals tap into their inner resources, find their direction and develop strategic action plans to realize their goals and dreams.

I believe we all have the resources we need inside of us to achieve what we want in our lives. So I help clients find these resources in order to discover meaning in their lives, experience clarity and find direction to achieve their goals.

Dagmar has been a blessing. I connected with her at a difficult, rather confusing time in my life and after just one session I knew I wanted and needed more of what she was able to offer.

I felt she really heard me, and that she worked with great care and consideration, tailor-making our sessions to best suit my needs.

This is what really stands out for me – how personalized her coaching was. I found her style to be incredibly gentle, yet powerful. She knows when to pursue a line of inquiry, and when to move on.

After every session I felt really empowered to take action, to do the homework she assigned, to recognize my limiting beliefs and patterns of thinking. Through imagery she helped me break through my resistance to the necessary process of marketing my book, and helped me to view it through new eyes. I think this process was crucial to my being able to move on. I felt empowered and clear about my next steps.

Becky Livingston

Author, The Suitcase & The Jar : Travels With a Daughter's Ashes

Transition Coaching


Periods of transition can often be very difficult and emotionally challenging times in our lives.  Career change, divorce, retirement, graduating from university or grieving a loved one are just a few examples of major life transitions that can have major impacts on the quality of our lives.

Transition Coaching can be a valuable resource during this challenging time. I provide transition coaching to help individuals move through the transition processes to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

I have a thoughtful and gentle approach to change that encourages my clients to look at obstacles and patterns during points of challenge in their lives. I provide a safe and empowering space for clients to be vulnerable.

I help clients remain focused, motivated, and accountable while they navigate new life circumstances and I can help clients see that, instead of a roadblock, transition can represent an opportunity. In fact, I believe that adversity can often be a gift and an opportunity for massive personal growth. When we have the courage to face our fears in moments of adversity, we can use our courage and vulnerability to explore ourselves, find our inner resources and achieve breakthrough in a life challenge.

Something I always resonate with is to “use your adversity as a springboard for personal growth”. Reach out, get in touch and discover the benefits of working with a professional coach to overcome life’s challenges.

A few years ago and as an immigrant to Canada I took on a few changes and challenges. I had enjoyed a somewhat steady career in tech / business in Britain and chose to take on some new ventures and adventures in BC. Whilst raising three young kids too, generally life has been harder than I thought – transitioning and finding a good life-work balance!

Fast forward and after very first meeting Dagmar, I knew her wonderful personality, unbelievably easy and kind natured listening and coaching skills was what I presently needed a bit more of! Patient, intelligent and understanding, over only three sessions; she has been invaluable helping me re-group my focus, confidence, better manage myself and create better direction and energy with where I’m at and where I want to be – even considering new business ideas I hadn’t thought about! I am extremely grateful to and strongly recommend Dagmar to anyone in a career or life transition or needing some independent assistance or advice particularly with starting a new business.

James E. Wilson

Vancouver, BC

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

– Winston Churchill –

My Process

Identify Problem & Cause

What's the problem and how did you get there

What Do You Want & Why

What exactly do you want and why is that important

What's Getting In The Way

What are your obstacles, let's overcome them

Guide You Through

I'm alongside you with coaching, tools & concepts

Achieve Your Goal

You get what you want, you achieve your goal plus some and you grow in the process.

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