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A Purpose-Led Approach to Change

When we’re connected to our purpose and we’re clear on the impact we want to make, we are more likely to navigate change effectively and create success in our life and work because we know where we’re going and we know what we’re looking for. And it’s for that very reason that I’ve created a purpose-led approach to change.

Whether you’re here for Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching or Life Coaching, through our work together, we free you up so you can authentically connect with yourself and what’s important to you. You will create a vision for your life and work that’s finally within your reach. It is from here that you get to live the life that fulfills you and do the work you love.

Finally, live the life you want and do the work you love.

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

The Big
Life Transition

You’re in big life transition, you’d like to start doing something more meaningful, but you don’t know what that is. The thought of starting a new career is daunting, but you don’t want to stay where you are.

Employee to

You’re an experienced senior leader, you’re very good at what you do and you’re done with being an employee. You want to leave your job and start your own thing but the reality of it is overwhelming.

My Impact

You’re a purpose-led entrepreneur and you have a grand vision of what you’d like to create. You know that you need to grow, change has to happen and you don’t know how and where to start.

My Leadership

You’re a leader with a strong desire to succeed and be a great leader. But you know that there are times when you get in the way of achieving that. You’re ready for the next level of leadership.

Work With Me

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Helping Entrepreneurs & Leaders Be Successful in the Work They Love

I offer professional coaching and consulting services for small to medium size business owners, leaders and individuals in change, providing one-one coaching, group coaching, custom designed facilitated workshops,  business assessments and consulting. I work with them to overcome their challenges, be more effective and achieve the outcomes and success they’re looking for.

My methodology, on a high level, is about helping to create more effective and agile individuals who can adapt and grow more effectively in change. And, I’m truly committed to the success of my clients and their businesses and go the extra mile to make sure they attain what it is they want to achieve.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take the next step in your change and get those outcomes you’ve been wanting?

Dagmar is a strategic partner for me and helps me think through how I want to execute on my business goals, always challenging me to think bigger for myself. This past year especially, she’s helped me to make some critical enhancements to the way I see my businesses and how to merge them together.  She listens with an empathetic ear, and catches me when she senses I’m beginning to go in a direction that isn’t productive. I appreciate how she acknowledges my feelings and fears and quickly progresses my mindset to the positive. The strategic changes I’ve made to my businesses the last two years were born out of conversations with Dagmar. I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am without her. 

Jordan Jensen

Founder & Certified Business Coach, Jordan B Jensen

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Falling Through Change Workshop

An online course for individuals wanting to learn how to move through change in a new way.

Falling Through Change Workshop - Product Image

The Falling Through Change Workshop is an online course, delivered in workshop format, guiding individuals with a series of videos and exercises, through an inspiring learning process of how to move and grow through even the hardest change.

Using the FALL Through Change Model, you are guided through an inspiring and positive process of moving through change, overcoming the challenges that come with it and learning to grow through the experience.

Go at your own pace, do in your own time and enjoy 2.5 hours of guided coaching and teaching with Dagmar.

Free Discovery Session

Curious about coaching?

Are you curious about coaching?

Coaching is a very personal thing and it's important to find out if there's a fit before heading down the coaching path. It’s for that reason that I offer a free 1 hour, no obligation, sample coaching session. 

So if you’re in a place in your life or in your business, you’re amidst change and you could use some help moving through that, reach out and book a sample session.

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