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We help you navigate change from where you are now to where you want to be.

You can do the work you love and you can achieve the success you want. It starts with learning a new way to embrace and navigate change.


Whether you’re a solopreneur or have multiple employees in your small business, we help you navigate the change you’re in and use it as an opportunity to achieve the success you’re looking for.

Develop yourself, build your brand foundations, connect with your why, know your impact and create a strategy to bring your vision to reality.

Student EQ Coaching
Student EQ Coaching
Student EQ Coaching


Working with both individual leaders and teams, we help you navigate difficult change, connect to your work in a meaningful way and level up your leadership capacity.

Discover your true potential, connect to your purpose and learn the skills to be a highly effective leader and build thriving teams.


Whether you’re in a major life or career transition, we provide a supportive process helping you find that next more meaningful path in your life, aka ‘Second Mountain’.

Learn to embrace change a whole new way and feel clarity around who you are, what’s important to you and the impact you want to make. Create an actionable and inspiring strategy for your next steps and get on with realizing your vision.

Student EQ Coaching
Student EQ Coaching


I’m Dagmar, an entrepreneur, coach and relentless empowering supporter committed to helping you not only navigate your change, but grow because of it.

When people ask me what they get through working with me, the first thing I say is change.

And the second thing I say is courage to embrace change as a way of life.

What I can tell you with such certainty is that my work revolves around courage. And the outcomes my clients get revolve around being courageous and stepping into the work.

When my clients have moved through the coaching process, they not only get the change they seek but they are equipped for a life of change. They use the tension in their lives and in themselves to learn and grow. They learn to step into the Courage Space and embrace change as a way of life. And this new learned mindset brings the change they seek and sets them on an inspiring future path.

Featured Courses

Not sure where to start with our work?

Check Out Our Online Courses

If you’re looking for the results and benefits of coaching but either don’t have the time, money or flexibility in your schedule, online learning can be a great place to start.

Our courses offer an opportunity to take a dive into the work and feel supported while going at your pace and in your own environment. Dagmar has designed each course to feel like a series of personal coaching sessions with her, with video recordings and engaging exercises so your experience is as close as possible to the real thing!

Experience a different kind of online learning.

Start learning today.

Braving Entrepreneur Foundations

In this 8-part online course, you will uncover what drives you as an entrepreneur and build the foundations of a thriving business. From a clarified vision to strategic pricing and packaging models, together we will build a clear action plan for the future.

Falling Through Change Workshop

In this 3-part online course, you will learn how to move through your change courageously and feel more in control of your life during uncertainty. Discover what might be holding you back and learn how to navigate and grow through any kind of change.

Client Testimonials


Dagmar Meachem was direct and insightful in helping me discover applicable solutions through the Braving Entrepreneur Framework. Two of my big takeaways were clarity about my target audience (including everything from their values to their price point) and a switch in my language from "good" to "fit & healthy" leaders.

Gregory Schroeder
Executive & Leadership Coach

The Braving Entrepreneur framework helped me organize my thoughts, dreams, and goals so I could move forward in my business with clarity. In particular, working through the Braving Entrepreneur helped me talk about what I do in a way that resonated more with my ideal clients.

Taylor Cook, Certified Professional Coach
Taylor Cook Coaching

The Braving Entrepreneur framework enabled me to get focused, clear, and excited about my business concept despite everything else that was occupying my mind and ultimately preventing me from taking the leap. 

By working through this process, I gained the plan, traction, and enough momentum to get things going from dream to reality.

Ali Gardiner, Co-Founder
Mothership Marketing

It takes a lot of courage to build a business and we can always find reasons to put off starting. Dagmar’s Braving Entrepreneur course helped me to identify why creating my business was so important to me which provided huge motivation to get started. 

The course enabled me to clarify where to begin and how to move forward. With the clear vision created in this course, I am now building the business I want and have the motivation to keep on track.

Darrell Farrow
Student EQ Coaching

Specialty Areas

Influence Based & Servant Leadership

Team Building & Trust

‘Second Mountain’ Life Transitions

Finding Your Why

Conflict Resolution & Conflict Capacity

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