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Specialty Areas

Life Transitions

Whether it be a career transition or major life transition, I'll come alongside you to help turn those challenges into opportunities for personal growth.


I'll be your collaborative partner, helping you connect your vision with your business while overcoming internal and external challenges along the way.

Strategic Planning

I'll facilitate a comprehensive strategic planning process to identify your competitive edge and a strategy to maintain it over the long term.

Creating Your Why

'People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it'. I'll help you tap into your why and communicate it through a strong marketing message.

Personal & Business Visioning

I'll guide you through a complete process of creating a strong vision which will be the foundation of your growth, strategy and ultimate success.

Team Development

Working closely with you and your team, I facilitate and coach you through the process of building a culture based on trust, accountability and commitment.

The Coaching Advantage

Dagmar Meachem | Certified Professional Coach | ACC


Certified Professional Coach

Professionally trained and ICF accredited at the highest industry standards.



Passionate advocate for connecting individuals with their entrepreneurial dream.


Passionate Student of Life

Using courage as a guide, change expert seizing every obstacle and challenge as an opportunity for growth. 

What My Clients Say

Hiring Dagmar to help create a vision and plan for my future career path was the best decision I have made in a long time. While I’d done a lot of thinking about it, Dagmar held me accountable to taking the action that is essential to the discovery process. She also has a gift for helping people uncover what can be summed up as the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which translates to ‘reason for being’ or ‘meaning for life’. Dagmar’s coaching helped me connect what I love, what the world needs, what I am good at and what I can be paid for. I would highly recommend Dagmar and Courage Space coaching for anyone trying to find their reason for being!

Lindsey Boyle

Vice President, Vancouver, The Sound

We are a small non-profit with 11 board members and two staff. Dagmar was suggested to us, via a colleague, to facilitate our annual Strategic Planning Session. After two meetings and a series of e-mails and phone calls, we were set! The day went really well – evaluations were all positive.

Dagmar took the information/documents that had been developed over the last two years, including the current strategic plan, and worked our agenda around what we have left to do in 2019, and who would be working on what areas of that plan.

She is gentle but firm, detailed, but able to take out the unnecessary comments, moves the day along and we were finished right on time! As she moves further into the facilitation field, I would highly recommend Dagmar for work with any size of group.

Good luck and thank you Dagmar!

Margaret Fraser

Board President, Lynn Valley Services Society

Courage Space Coaching & Dagmar helped me a lot. She’s a wonderful person with gifted listening and coaching skills – which was what I needed, to help me. She is patient, intelligent and understanding and over only three sessions; she has been invaluable in helping me re-group my focus, confidence, better manage myself and create better direction and energy with where I’m at and where I want to be – even considering new business ideas I hadn’t thought about! I am extremely grateful to and strongly recommend Dagmar to anyone in a career or life transition or needing some independent assistance or advice, particularly with starting a new business.

James E Wilson

It takes courage to open up to someone new especially in a coaching relationship but I was instantly comfortable with Dagmar. She was very clear in the process of defining the hurdles I wanted to get through in business and defining the results I wished to see as a result of coaching. She took a few different approaches in our sessions together to uncover my roadblocks and make a plan on how to get through them. I had several breakthrough moments which lead to greater flow and movement toward my goals in business. I am most appreciative of the work we have already done together and if you are reading this now, have the courage and reach out to Dagmar today!

Katy Mackenzie

Mortgage Broker, The Mortgage Group

Dagmar is clever in the way she gets out of me things l already know deep down, and only surfaces during our sessions. She has this way of pushing me and challenging me, just enough for me to feel a little bit of resistance, and of course that’s when l know I’m on the right track. She is helping me move further once l have reached one goal, with setting up strategies to reach the next one. I feel so inspired after every session and left with a feeling of knowing that l can totally do whatever I’ve set out to do before meeting again. What stands out is her true enthusiasm and making me believe in my ideas and my business. I wholeheartedly recommend Dagmar to every new entrepreneur. I am so excited and so blessed to have her help me develop my dream. Read More
Helene Pemmer

Owner | Creative Designer, Mi + Moe

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