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I’m Dagmar.

An entrepreneur, coach and relentless empowering supporter dedicated to helping you not only navigate your change, but grow because of it. 

When people ask me what they get through working with me, the first thing I say is change.

And the second thing I say is courage to embrace change as a way of life.

What I can tell you with such certainty is that my work revolves around courage. And the outcomes my clients get revolve around being courageous and stepping into the work.

When my clients have moved through the coaching process, they not only get the change they seek but they are equipped for a life of change. They use the tension in their lives and in themselves to learn and grow. They learn to step into the Courage Space and embrace change as a way of life. And this new learned mindset brings the change they seek and sets them on an inspiring future path.

Specialty Areas

Leadership Development

In a supportive yet firm way, I work alongside leaders through their change as they take the next step in becoming more successful, agile and effectve leaders.


Life & Career Transitions

Whether it be a career transition or major life transition, I’ll come alongside you to help turn those challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Team Development

Working closely with you and your team, I guide you through necessary conversations and a proven process of building trust, accountability and a stronger team.


I’ll be your collaborative partner, helping you connect your vision with your business while overcoming internal and external challenges along the way.

Emotional Intelligence

Using the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 assessments, I work with you in developing your Emotional Intelligence skills to become an emotionally effective leader.

Conflict Resolution

Supporting you and your team, I will walk alongside you in resolving your conflict, helping you develop your capacity and use it as an opportunity for sustained change.

Client Love

Dagmar is a strategic partner for me and helps me think through how I want to execute on my business goals, always challenging me to think bigger for myself. This past year especially, she’s helped me to make some critical enhancements to the way I see my businesses and how to merge them together.  She listens with an empathetic ear, and catches me when she senses I’m beginning to go in a direction that isn’t productive. I appreciate how she acknowledges my feelings and fears and quickly progresses my mindset to the positive. The strategic changes I’ve made to my businesses the last two years were born out of conversations with Dagmar. I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am without her. 

Jordan Jensen

Founder & Certified Business Coach, Jordan B Jensen

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Falling Through Change Workshop

An online course for individuals wanting to learn how to move through change in a new way.

Falling Through Change Workshop - Product Image

The Falling Through Change Workshop is an online course, delivered in workshop format, guiding individuals with a series of videos and exercises, through an inspiring learning process of how to move and grow through even the hardest change.

Using the FALL Through Change Model, you are guided through an inspiring and positive process of moving through change, overcoming the challenges that come with it and learning to grow through the experience.

Go at your own pace, do in your own time and enjoy 2.5 hours of guided coaching and teaching with Dagmar.

Free Discovery Session

Curious about coaching?

Are you curious about coaching?

Coaching is a very personal thing and it's important to find out if there's a fit before heading down the coaching path. It’s for that reason that I offer a free 1 hour, no obligation, sample coaching session. 

So if you’re in a place in your life or in your business, you’re amidst change and you could use some help moving through that, reach out and book a sample session.

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