Resilience Is Facing Adversity

Resilience Is Facing Adversity

Resilience isn’t something you get just because you want it.

Resilience is more something that you get and earn when you have the courage to face your adversities and your challenges head on. You don’t avoid them, you don’t try to take the short cut and you don’t blame them on someone else. 

Resilience is something you get when you are willing to walk the path along your learning and growth that lies within your challenges. 

It takes courage to take responsibility for your part and look at what you can do to overcome the challenge you find yourself in. 

And when you do that, you learn what you’re capable of and you grow as a result. And next time a challenge comes along, it will still be hard, but your resilience muscle will be stronger and you will trust yourself just a little more that you’ll be able to find a way through.