About Courage Space Coaching

Who I Am And What I Do

Courage Space Coaching & Consulting provides a space for individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders to develop, grow and achieve the results they’re looking for. We encourage, empower and challenge you through your change, coming alongside you where ever you are at. All you have to do is be ready for change. 

Are you ready for change?

The Courage Space

If I could say there’s one thing that determines success, it would be courage.

Whether it’s success in your personal or professional life or in your business, one thing for certain, is that you need to have courage to move past your fears, to go beyond what you know and to deal with the uncertainty of change that exists all around us. For an individual, this means facing your fears and self doubt, embracing the change you’re in and daring to reach your full potential. For a leader or an organization, this means being open to change and doing whatever it takes in order to create a culture of trust, accountability and comittment which is critical to having a sustainable competitive advantage.

When you stand from a place of courage and create a space to lean in, to take risks, to put yourself out there, to open up yourself and your organization to feedback and growth, to have difficult but necessary conversations and to do what’s necessary to move forward, this is what I call the Courage Space

When I work with my clients, I create a space, the Courage Space, for them to do, be, think, feel and say exactly what they need to in order to overcome their obstacles and tap into their creativity, innovation and resources. It’s here where I also challenge my clients to see past their own limitations, to break down the walls holding them back and create possibilities they never knew were possible. Through coaching, tools and concepts, my clients learn to find their own Courage Space and live from there so they can continue to reach their full potential and experience the success and fulfilment they’re looking for.

I'm Your Partner and Guide In Change

I’ll meet you where you’re at and come alongside with you where you want to go.

About Me

Dagmar Meachem

Certified Professional Coach | ACC

I’m passionate about working with people in change, helping them move forward when they feel stuck and helping them get past the obstacles holding them back from becoming their best selves.

I believe that change can be an opportunity for growth and transformation.

My path has taken me from adventurous hiking guide to creative web designer to passionate coach and it’s shaped who I am today. It seems though, that being a coach has been my calling ever since I was a young girl. I have always been an adventure seeker and student of life. I’m completely inspired by those who are able to pick themselves back up after great adversity and create a new future. I’ve personally had to recreate myself through adversity, choosing to grow and transform on my journey to becoming my own best self.

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My Process

Identify Problem & Cause

What's the problem and how did you get there

What results are you after

What outcome will add the value you're seeking

What's Getting In The Way

What are your obstacles, let's overcome them

Guide You Through The Process

I'm alongside you with coaching, tools & concepts

Attain your results for success

My value added is successful and you have the results you were looking for