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Dagmar Meachem

Certified Professional Coach |ACC

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What I Believe

I believe that change can be an opportunity for growth and transformation. I’m passionate about working with people in change, helping them move forward when they feel stuck and helping them get past the obstacles holding them back from becoming their best selves. My path has taken me from adventurous hiking guide to creative web designer to passionate coach and it’s shaped who I am today. It seems though, that being a coach has been my calling ever since I was a young girl. I have always been an adventure seeker and student of life. I’m completely inspired by those who are able to pick themselves back up after great adversity and create a new future. I’ve personally had to recreate myself through adversity, choosing to grow and transform on my journey to becoming my own best self.

My Experience

I have over three years experience as a health coach and over twelve years running a website design business working with small and medium size businesses through the visioning and brand creation process. But my favourite and most meaningful work is what I do now through Courage Space, working with extraordinary people and organizations, coming alongside them through their change, growth and transformation as they take the next step in reaching their full potential.

My Qualifications & Accreditations



Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation


Erickson Certified Professional Coach

Erickson International The Art & Science of Coaching Program


EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certification

EITC (EI Training Company) EQI2.0_Certified


Mastering EI Competencies Workshop

EITC (EI Training Company)



(Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) – 6 Week Course


BSc Geography

University of British Columbia

My Story

How I Got Here

In my twenties I was living the dream as a hiking guide for three years, travelling around the mountains and amazing landscape of BC Canada. In my early thirties I ran a health coaching business, Transform Health, for three years in Australia helping individuals discover the emotional and mental blocks around their health and weight. Then seeing a real need and interesting niche, I started a business providing resume writing and web design, where I coached individuals through the career transition process, as well as businesses through the brand creation and brand re-creation process on their way to creating their websites.

From my own experience and after working with many people through transition and transformation, I believe that when we have the courage to face our fears in those moments of adversity, whether they are on a high mountain peak or in the darkness of grief and loss, we can use these moments of vulnerability to explore ourselves, find our inner resources and make positive change and transformation in our lives. I firmly believe that adversity can often be a gift and an opportunity for massive personal growth. And when we find our gift and discover a way to share it with the world, that’s when the real magic happens.

But how do I know this, you may ask? What do I really know about change? Can I really relate to someone amidst chaos, who’s lost their footing, and doesn’t know which way to turn to get towards the light? Can I relate to someone who has this talent and gift inside them and wants to make an impact in the world, but is stuck, and can’t see a way forward?

Five years ago I escaped an abusive marriage, moved back to Canada after being away for 10 years and literally hit rock bottom.  During the two years to follow, I found myself amidst one traumatic event after another, all while trying to regain my footing and provide a safe and secure environment for my young son as a new single mother. I had no idea how I was going to find my way through it and what it looked like on the other side. But I somehow did. And I’ve been rebuilding my life ever since, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. And it was through my rebuilding and transformation when I found my gift, my passion and the impact I wanted to make in this world.

Do I understand grief and loss? Do I know shame? Have I felt failure? Can I relate to the fear of falling apart and not knowing what awaits on the other side? Absolutely.

It has been in the rebuilding of my life where I have found the strength and the resilience I never knew I had. It has been through practicing courage and being vulnerable where I have found the support and tools that I needed to not only survive but thrive during this time of change. This adversity was a gift in my life, because through it I have experienced personal transformation and massive growth. Not because it was easy or given to me, but because I chose to be optimistic, I chose to lean into the discomfort and I chose to be courageous. And I choose to share this very personal story not for sympathy, but to empower others to be courageous in their lives, because courage is contagious.

I bring this experience and philosophy into my own coaching practice, encouraging individuals to be brave, to lean in and to grow.

Outside of coaching, my personal passions are cooking, flying down a mountain on my mountain bike, trail running and being with my lovely son and my family and friends. I love the pursuit of outdoor adventure and for me personally there is a strong link between the outdoors and physical challenge and personal growth. Other tools that have had a huge impact on helping me through my adversity, which I now use in my practice with clients, have been mindfulness meditation, yoga, emotional intelligence tools, inspirational books and reaching out to my inner circle and community.

Come work with me. Let’s lean into the discomfort together. 

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