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What does courage have to do with business coaching and team development?


If I could say there’s one thing that determines success, it would be courage. Whether it’s success in your personal or professional life or in your business, one thing for certain, is that you need to have courage to move past your fears, to go beyond what you know and to deal with the uncertainty of change that exists all around us.

When I work with you, whether in your own business or as part of a team, I create space for you to lean in to the discomfort that growth brings in order for you to tap into the opportunities that open up when you have the courage to do so.

I call this the Courage Space. 

I believe that obstacles can be an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Dagmar Relling Vancouver Business Coach

Dagmar Relling (Meachem)
Founder, CPC, PCC

For over 15 years, I’ve worked with leaders locally and internationally at all different levels of crisis, business models and personalities, coming alongside them through their change, growth and transformation as they take the next step in reaching their full potential. My focus and methodology for change is to help create more courageous individuals, as I believe in courage as a catalyst for change, pushing us to act, move forward, and power through challenges. I’m a passionate business and leadership coach, facilitator, entrepreneur and change maker. 

My approach is one of compassionate and focused encouragement, where my clients are held accountable to the goals they set together. My specialty is being a supportive and consistent force in helping my clients face their challenges head on and grow and develop because of them. And the gift I leave my clients is inspiration and courage to tackle the unknown and whatever comes their way.  

Qualifications & Certification

  • BSc. University of Victoria
  • Certified Professional Coach – Erickson Coaching International
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – International Coaching Federation
  • EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certified – EITC
  • Mastering EI Competencies Workshop Certified Instructor – EITC
  • National Mediation Training Course – ADRBC
ICF professional certified coach PCC
ECPC Erickson Certified Professional Coach
EQ i 2.0 Certified

My Methodology

My methodology, on a high level, is about helping to create more effective and agile individuals who can adapt and grow more effectively in change.

My methodology on a more specific level is about partnering with individuals in an in-depth process of discovery and change, that’s designed to facilitate the creation and development of personal, professional and business goals and develop and carry out a strategy and plan for achieving those goals. This process also helps them discover their true potential and purpose, and learn to live authentically and consistently inside that every day.

I’m truly committed to the success of my clients and their businesses and go the extra mile to make sure they attain what it is they want to achieve.

Achieve outstanding results

Inspire change and growth in your business and organization, starting with you.