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Embarking On A New Path

Embarking on a new path often feels like jumping off a cliff. You can see this grand vista below where you want to go and what you want to accomplish…

Choose Resilience

Some flowers can bloom in the harshest conditions because it knows deep down that it’s made of the stuff to make it possible …

Whatever Challenge You’re Facing, You Got This

Whatever challenge you’re facing, whatever struggle you’re in, I get it, I hear you, I’ve been there too. I know that uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty, of fear stuck in your throat. I know that feeling of knowing the right thing to do but being scared to death of...

Goals Shouldn’t Be Pretty Things On Paper

How many times have you or your organization come up with some goals, written them down and said, ‘Let’s Do It’. The goals might even be written down in a nice pretty journal, on a vision board, or in your company strategic planning document. They might be posted on a...

Dare To Be Great

Dare to be great. No really, I dare you. In my experience and from working with others, often what people fear more than failure …

Trust at Work Too

Trust, respect and vulnerability are not just for use at home and in our private lives. When cultivated in the workplace, they form …

Own Your Gift

The world is waiting for your gift, so please stop hiding it and ignoring it based on some fear that was made up long before …

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