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If Trust Was a Superhero

If trust was a superhero, what would he look like? What would he wear? Would he have tights and knee high boots? How about a cape that blows in the wind on the way to his next rescue?  Would he fly or be able to leap tall buildings in a single step? What superpowers...

Great Ideas

“Great ideas come from a clear vision, a strong ‘why’ and knowing the impact you want to make in this world.”

The Thing About Control

Learning What’s Behind It So It Doesn’t Control You “If only I could control what happens outside of me then everything would be ok.”…

Embrace The Discomfort, Make It Your Friend

If you want to have a real cutting edge and a serious competitive advantage, learn how to embrace discomfort and make it your friend.  And if you have an organization,  then teach your leaders to do the same. As you read this you may be wondering, are you serious, how...

What If Courage Was Rewarded in the Workplace

“I’m not feeling great today Rob. I’m really struggling with something quite personal and it’s really affecting my ability to do my work properly.” “No problem Jeff, would you like to make a booking with our coach to bounce it off someone so you can work some things...

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