Braving Entrepreneur Foundations

Build a business and a life that inspires you. 

As an entrepreneur, you are intrinsically brave. You’re willing to take risks and make tough decisions. 

But it can be hard to go it alone. To see a pathway past obstacles. To know what’s next. 

In the Braving Entrepreneur Foundations, you’ll undergo a one-of-a-kind exploration process to build a sustainable, successful and thriving business. 

The first step is to be brave – jump in. 

Working with Dagmar and her Braving Entrepreneur framework has been rewarding on so many levels.

It has given me a much clearer direction and strategy within my business, really helping me to get clarity on what my core message is so that I can communicate it much more clearly to my clients.”

David Lundberg

Leadership & Personal Coach, Small Pause Coaching & Consulting

What’s in it for you

Throughout this 8-part course you will:

Connect to your purpose, impact, and values

Create a strong vision that motivates you

Hone in on your competitive advantage
Identify how to reach your ideal customer
Package and price your services effectively
Set clear revenue targets
Build an action plan that propels you forward
Graham Hartlett

Are you ready to bring your dream business to life?

Who you are

“I need to increase my revenue but don’t know where to start.”

“I’m tired of doing a job that doesn’t inspire me, I’m ready to start my own business.”

“I need to market my business on social media and create content that engages with my target market.”

“I need to pivot my business and change the service I provide.”

Does this sound like you?

Not sure where to begin or what to do next? Feeling stuck or filled with self-doubt?

Everyone deserves to live a life they love. For braving entrepreneurs, that includes building a business that makes a positive impact.

If you want…

The opportunity to do work you’re passionate about

A job that reflects your values and inner purpose
Increased cashflow and financial freedom
A sense of flow and personal satisfaction in your day-to-day

…The Braving Entrepreneur is for you.



Dagmar Meachem was direct and insightful in helping me discover applicable solutions through the Braving Entrepreneur Framework. Two of my big takeaways were clarity about my target audience (including everything from their values to their price point) and a switch in my language from "good" to "fit & healthy" leaders.

Gregory Schroeder
Executive & Leadership Coach

The Braving Entrepreneur framework helped me organize my thoughts, dreams, and goals so I could move forward in my business with clarity. In particular, working through the Braving Entrepreneur helped me talk about what I do in a way that resonated more with my ideal clients.

Taylor Cook, Certified Professional Coach
Taylor Cook Coaching

The Braving Entrepreneur framework enabled me to get focused, clear, and excited about my business concept despite everything else that was occupying my mind and ultimately preventing me from taking the leap. 

By working through this process, I gained the plan, traction, and enough momentum to get things going from dream to reality.

Ali Gardiner, Co-Founder
Mothership Marketing

It takes a lot of courage to build a business and we can always find reasons to put off starting. Dagmar’s Braving Entrepreneur course helped me to identify why creating my business was so important to me which provided huge motivation to get started. 

The course enabled me to clarify where to begin and how to move forward. With the clear vision created in this course, I am now building the business I want and have the motivation to keep on track.

Darrell Farrow
What you’ll learn
What you can expect

Whether you’ve already gotten started and feel stuck or are looking to make the first big leap, this course will help you find clarity, perspective, and new priorities.

We’ll walk you through the hard thinking and introspection needed to bring your vision to life — the stuff that feels impossible to tackle alone — and help you build your courage as an entrepreneur along the way.

What’s included for $349

A comprehensive workbook you can revisit for years to come

Workshop-style coaching you can do at your own pace

1 hour extra personlized consulting & coaching time with Dagmar

Part 1 | Clarify your vision:

Identify where you want to be 1–5 years from now in order to build the path that gets you there

Part 2 | Identify your impact:

Recognize what difference you want to make and problems you want to solve to drive your motivation

Part 3 | Focus your target audience:

Clarify who most benefits from your product or service to connect with them more effectively

Part 4 | Develop your brand identity:

Be honest about who you are and in turn build trust, credibility, authority and connection

Part 5 | Define your why:

Narrow in on the underlying reason you do what you do and never lose sight of why you’re doing this

Part 6 | Establish your how:

Recognize the strengths, capabilities, and differentiators that set you and your brand apart

Part 7 | Articulate your what:

Distill the details of your business, from your specific products and services to pricing and delivery

Part 8 | Create your action plan:

Build an achievable path to success by getting real about revenue and other big picture milestones

Meet your instructor

Dagmar Relling Professional Certified Coach

Dagmar Relling (Meachem), PCC, CPC

If it’s one thing I know well, it’s the entrepreneurial journey. 

Over my lifetime I’ve started roughly 10 businesses. And it all started with my own store, selling groceries back to my mom when I was 9 with monopoly money as a currency. Some businesses have been successful and some have failed. But regardless of the outcome, what I’ve learned and who I’ve become in the process has been invaluable. 

This latest entrepreneurial chapter in my life however, was the most challenging and transformational.  It involved a rock bottom, changing careers, facing my biggest fears and finding my why. I discovered the secrets to entrepreneurial success and what true fulfillment is. I found a way to do the work I love and make an impact in people’s lives that’s meaningful. And I found a way to build and grow my business successfully and sustainably while juggling the demands of motherhood and daily life. 

Professionally, I’ve now spent the last 10 years guiding leaders of all categories, business models, and personalities through change, growth, and transformation. I understand the fears, challenges, and struggles that come hand in hand with building a business. 

I’ve designed The Braving Entrepreneur Foundations to help others reconnect with their purpose and build the foundations of a sustainable and satisfying business — elements which can so easily be overlooked or forgotten in the day-to-day hustle. 

Having completed my Certified Professional Coach training, I am a certified PCC, CPC, and EQ-i 2.0 facilitator. I’ve supported hundreds of individuals along a similar journey and I’m excited to help you grow personally and professionally through The Braving Entrepreneur Foundations. 

“My goal is to leave clients with the action plan to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life and the courage to tackle whatever comes their way.” 

Working with Dagmar and her Braving Entrepreneur framework has been rewarding on so many levels.

It has given me a much clearer direction and strategy within my business, really helping me to get clarity on what my core message is so that I can communicate it much more clearly to my clients.”

Angela McConnell

Contemporary & Portrait Photography, Angela McConnell Photography

Your dream business is within reach

Navigate entrepreneurship with courage and build the thriving business you’ve envisioned.

Now is your chance to take action, make an impact, and become a Braving Entrepreneur.