Personal growth is a continuum of breaking through growth edge after growth edge basically until we die or choose to stop personally growing.  

We know we’re breaking through a growth edge when we’ve been heading down a new path and our old negative voices start getting louder again. We may be more emotional, reactive or harder on ourselves than usual. We may even be wanting to turn around and give up on this new path we’ve headed down.

It’s what we choose to do and think at these growth edges that will determine whether we break through or stay and hold ourselves back. We can either open or close to the experience, expand or contract, and the choice is up to us. And it all has to do with our beliefs and our willingness to change them. 

This growth edge exercise is a simple yet powerful way of navigating and breaking through your growth edge so that you can get to the other side and enjoy the opportunities that wait for you on the other side.

Breaking Through


In order to break through a growth edge and get to the opportunities on the other side, you need to change your beliefs.

You must let go of the old ones and create new ones that will carry you through to the other side.  Your old limiting beliefs cannot exist on the other side, it’s just how it goes! 

So how we do go about changing our beliefs? We start with first identifying what our current beliefs are as we’re bumping up against the growth edge we’re at. 

Example of Changing Beliefs

Old Belief: Who do you think you are to charge that much?

New Belief: You deserve to charge that much because you are worth it and you provide the value.

Old Belief: You can’t do this.

New Belief: You can do this because you’ve done hard things, you’ve always found a way and there are so many resources to help you.

Get the gist? Now you try.