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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

I offer specialized business coaching for entrepreneurs who are driven to create successful and enduring great businesses and are passionate about their ideas and business concepts.  Whether you’re stuck in the beginning stages of creating a new business or you’re in the later stages of how to move forward and grow an existing one, I’m committed to your success.

I have developed an in-depth coaching process of discovery and change, providing individuals an inspiring personal growth and business development opportunity. We explore what might be internally and externally limiting you and holding you back from success, while also going through the steps of creating a strong vision for your business and executing a strategy to fulfil on that vision. 


Entrepreneurship Coach Vancouver

My ‘Why’

My ‘why’ is to free people up so they can be truly authentic in the way they show up in their work and make the impact they dream of. 

Building a New Business

I provide an in-depth process of discovery and change, for those brave entrepreneurs who dare to create a business that’s aligned with their values, purpose and why. We answer that question ‘am I doing what brings me meaning and fulfilment in my life?’ And executing on that is one brave thing to do. So if you weren’t brave when you started, you’ll be brave when you’re finished!

Growing an Existing Business

When I work with existing businesses, I partner with them through a pragmatic and solutions focused process. The goal is always to resolve problems and inefficiencies, create a vision for long-term sustainable success, design an actionable strategy to achieve it and execute on that strategy. And my coaching engagments always consist of six fundamental components, including a business assessment, recommendations and accountability.

Your Impact & Results 

Powerful Internal Shifts & Growth

You will experience powerful internal personal shifts and a new positive mindset

Know Thyself

Feel clarity around who you are, what’s important to you and the impact you want to make

Clarity On Your Business

You will be crystal clear about the business you will build and grow

Learn the Secret to Your Own Success

Clarity around your competitive advantage, differentiator and ‘secret sauce’

Find Your Why & Create a Vision

Find your why and reason for being and use it to create a powerful vision for your business


Define Your Target Market

Define your target market, ideal customer and customer avatar


Actionable Business Strategy

Have an actionable strategy around how to build and grow your business with clearly defined actionable steps

Feel Energized & Inspired

Feel energized, motivated and inspired to move forward and take action

The strategic changes I’ve made to my businesses the last two years were born out of conversations with Dagmar. I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am without her. 

Jordan Jensen

Seattle, WA

The value of having Dagmar in the startup is invaluable. Someone to share your vision (even when you don’t see it yourself) and truly believe in you. 

Helene Pemmer

Bergen, Norway

Dagmar’s coaching helped me connect what I love, what the world needs, what I am good at and what I can be paid for. She has a gift for helping people uncover their ‘reason for being’.

Lindsey Boyle

Victoria, BC

Your Time for Success is Now

This is not a time to play small or limit your own success. This is a time to rise up, play big, be brave and dive in. Come take a deeper look inside yourself and your business and create a strong foundation and plan for creating long term success.