Our perspective really can’t change unless we challenge it. And the easiest way to do that is by sharing it with others. And by having the courage to share our perspective with others, we risk what they will think, what they will say and what they will think of us. But with this risk, we also find out if our perspective needs to be challenged or not.

Sometimes our perspective is a bunch of illogical thoughts based on fear and the past. And this is when it needs to be challenged and reworked to a new perspective based on real evidence and the present. If our perspective is received with interest and engagement and you feel power and energy when you share it, then most likely it’s coming from a place of purpose and alignment and it doesn’t need to change.

So regardless what your perspective is, it’s always worth sharing and challenging to make sure you’re aligned with your values and living from a place based on the present and real evidence, not from fear and the past.