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Braving Entrepreneur Course


The Braving Entrepreneur Foundations

The Braving Entrepreneur is an online course that guides experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs through the work required to identify their underlying “why”, tap into the right market, and overcome early obstacles as they build their dream business. As a three-time entrepreneur and successful coach of over 15 years, Dagmar Meachem understands the fears, challenges, and struggles that entrepreneurs face as they build something from the ground up. She designed The Braving Entrepreneur to help others reconnect with their purpose and build the foundations of a satisfying business.

In this 8-part course, learn how to stand out in a competitive category, focus your brand identity to connect with your customers, and build an action plan that launches you into the next phase of entrepreneurship — whatever that may be.

Go at your own pace and enjoy one hour of personalized coaching and consulting time with Dagmar.