Gregory Schroeder

Dagmar Meachem was direct and insightful in helping me discover applicable solutions through the Braving Entrepreneur Framework. Two of my big takeaways were clarity about my target audience (including everything from their values to their price point) and a switch in my language from “good” to “fit & healthy” leaders.

Taylor Cook

The Braving Entrepreneur framework helped me organize my thoughts, dreams, and goals so I could move forward in my business with clarity. In particular, working through the Braving Entrepreneur helped me talk about what I do in a way that resonated more with my ideal clients.

Ali Gardiner

The Braving Entrepreneur framework enabled me to get focused, clear, and excited about my business concept despite everything else that was occupying my mind and ultimately preventing me from taking the leap. 

By working through this process, I gained the plan, traction, and enough momentum to get things going from dream to reality.

Darrell Farrow

It takes a lot of courage to build a business and we can always find reasons to put off starting. Dagmar’s Braving Entrepreneur course helped me to identify why creating my business was so important to me which provided huge motivation to get started. 

The course enabled me to clarify where to begin and how to move forward. With the clear vision created in this course, I am now building the business I want and have the motivation to keep on track.