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I help you turn that dream and that vision into a real, successful and thriving business. Go ahead, I dare you. 

Creating a successful business starts with finding your why

The most successful businesses are the ones who have a clear ‘why’, a reason for being and how they make the world a better place. Some of the biggest struggles that businesses have when creating their marketing messages and when trying to reach their target market has to do with being unclear about their ‘why’.  Getting clear on your why is the starting point to creating the path to your customers.

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Calling All Entrepreneurs


The number one obstacle for entrepreneurs is themselves. Are you feeling the pressure? Are you frustrated? Do you have this vision of what you want to create, or the next step ahead but you just can’t see it and you’re stuck with what to do next? Perhaps you’re even experiencing some stress and feeling the pressure and uncertainty in the market around you.

Having a passion for entrepreneurism, I have a personal interest in working with entrepreneurs. I guide you through change and transition, over the line into possibility, realized goals and a new future. I provide a space to help you change and grow and leave you with concepts, strategies and tools that you can use moving forward. Working with you and your team, I help you get past the obstacles holding you back on the way to unlocking your full potential. And I’m committed to your goals with as much tenacity, drive and patience as you need me to be.  And make no mistake, I can be nice but I can also be fierce in pursuit of your dreams.

Lindsey’s Story


“Hiring Dagmar to help create a vision and plan for my future career path was the best decision I have made in a long time. While I’d done a lot of thinking about it, Dagmar held me accountable to taking the action that is essential to the discovery process. She also has a gift for helping people uncover what can be summed up as the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which translates to ‘reason for being’ or ‘meaning for life’. Dagmar’s coaching helped me connect what I love, what the world needs, what I am good at and what I can be paid for. I would highly recommend Dagmar and Courage Space coaching for anyone trying to find their reason for being!”

Lindsey Boyle | Founder Circular Citizen

Some Of My Tools

Falling Through Change Model

A process to assist with change, by Dagmar Meachem

The Advantage

The Advantage book and team building process by Patrick Lencioni

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Facilitated Workshop and Process by Patrick Lencioni

Brene Brown

Courageous Leadership Resources by Brene Brown


EQi-2.0 Assessment and Workplace, Leadership, 360 & Higher Education Reports

Immunity To Change

Overcoming change and unlocking full potential process by Robert Kegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Insight Timer & Other Tools

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