EQ-i 360 Reports

EQ 360 Reports provide in-depth analyses by having those who work with your client and know your client personally provide feedback in addition to your client’s self-assessment. Allowing for unlimited raters (Managers, Peers, Direct Reports, Friends and Family), these observer ratings are compared with the self-assessment in order to provide your client with a 360 degree view of his or her effectiveness. These reports are designed to provide valuable insight and opportunities for development.

profile-gap-analysisEQ-i 360 Workplace Report

This report is used to gain insight into an individual’s EQ 360 results, with in-depth analysis specific to a workplace context, enabling career and organizational development.

EQ-i 360 Leadership Report

This report offers the single, most comprehensive view of an individual’s EI results through four key dimensions of leadership. Adding to the features of the Workplace EQ 360 Report, this report also helps you view your client’s scores through a leadership lens, as well as help you understand how others see your client as a leader.

Key Features

  • Profile Gap Analysis – This innovative interpretation tool identifies blind spots, allied strengths and developmental opportunities.
  • Easy Administration and Support – The EQ 360 multi-rater report is completely aligned with the EQ-i 2.0 self-assessment providing a seamless user experience.
  • Rater Response Summary – A one-page summary of all responses – easy to interpret and understand.
  • Each subscale interpreted from two different perspectives – The EQ 360 report is designed to allow you to view both the self-report and rater group results for all fifteen subscales as well as the Well-Being Indicator.

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