Falling Through Change Workshop Day 2 - Part 2


Learn the fundamentals of the FALL Model and apply it to your own experience of change. Discover what’s beneath the surface and gain a deeper understanding of yourself through a series of guided questions and exercises. Follow a thoughtful process of self-discovery and gain insight, clarity and understanding of your current challenges. Learn how to allow your emotions to surface in order to process them and use them as a resource and tool for moving forward. Create small and doable actions for each step so you can move through your challenges and keep going when you might feel stuck. With new understanding and clarity, you will feel lighter and more at ease as well as hopeful and energized about the future.

What Will You Learn

VIDEO 1 – Summary of Model & FACE

  • Full summary and walk through of the FALL Model
  • Face – Think, Feel & Act Exercises to guide you through facing the challenge you’re in and feeling the feelings that come up

Facing our change can be surprisingly difficult. Whether it’s happened to us, we’ve initiated it or we know we need to initiate it, it’s hard to step outside of our comfort zone and face the unknown. For this reason, change can be a daunting thing. And facing it is the first step in moving us through it.



  • Accept – Think, Feel & Act Exercises to guide you through accepting what is and what is not and noticing and observing what emotions arise

Acceptance in change serves as somewhat of a surrendering to it. It’s giving yourself permission to open to it and trust the process. And this is critical for the next step of going inside yourself and exploring what beliefs and stories might be at play.



  • Let Go – Think, Feel & Act Exercises to guide you through letting go of what’s limiting you and holding you back and noticing and observing what emotions arise.

Letting go in change is the part that’s the final break away
from the ‘old’. It’s the last point of connection that ties us to our past and when severed, sets us free and allows us to create the ‘new’.



  • Learn & Grow – Think, Feel & Act Exercises to guide you through learning from the challenge, growing through your experience and noticing and observing what emotions arise.

The learning we gain in change is the gift that lies within the challenges we face moving through it. When we have the courage to Face, Accept and Let Go, we make ourselves available and open to receive the gift of learning and personal growth. And it is here, in this last phase when we break our old cycles, patterns and habits. Because what you learn here you can’t unlearn, there’s no turning back, only forward movement in your life from here.

Day 2 – Part 2 Videos




Let Go

Learn & Grow

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Your Guide

Your Partner, Your Ally, Your Game Changer, Your Coach

I am your partner in change. I will create a space for you to feel safe so you can be courageous. 

I know change is hard, I know it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes we get it wrong and fumble, sometimes we even fail or fall down. But that’s the process of learning. It’s how we open and expand ourselves to growth. And that’s why we need courage.

Because when we’re courageous, we face our fears, we get curious, we seek new awarenesses and we embrace the discomfort that comes with change. And then we begin to see that change is possible and we can grow and expand ourselves in the process.

Come and work with me, you’ll know what I mean. Come and join the Falling Through Change Workshop and discover for yourself what you’re capable of, how resourceful you are and how your change is within your grasp more than you think.