Falling Through Change Workshop Day 3 - Part 3


Create a clear action plan and strategy for the future with built in accountability to ensure you follow through. Using optimism as a guide, shift your perspective to focusing on what’s possible, leaning more on the strength of your own self-belief and learning about the power of your own resourcefulness. Get a glimpse of your future through powerful visualization and become inspired and excited by the view of your path ahead. And then, take flight and step off the cliff of uncertainty courageously, with energy and motivation, towards achieving your dreams and goals.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Create your own strategy for change that’s actionable, doable and has built in accountability
  • Use the power of optimism as a guide 
  • Take flight visualization and create a clear vision for your future path


Day 3 – Part 3 Video

*Dagmar Meachem, CPC, ACC**Certified Leadership Coach*

*Creating space to solve problems & grow through courage. *

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Your Guide

Your Partner, Your Ally, Your Game Changer, Your Coach

I am your partner in change. I will create a space for you to feel safe so you can be courageous. 

I know change is hard, I know it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes we get it wrong and fumble, sometimes we even fail or fall down. But that’s the process of learning. It’s how we open and expand ourselves to growth. And that’s why we need courage.

Because when we’re courageous, we face our fears, we get curious, we seek new awarenesses and we embrace the discomfort that comes with change. And then we begin to see that change is possible and we can grow and expand ourselves in the process.

Come and work with me, you’ll know what I mean. Come and join the Falling Through Change Workshop and discover for yourself what you’re capable of, how resourceful you are and how your change is within your grasp more than you think.