Your goals don’t care that it’s raining out…or thundering.

Last Saturday, if you’re local to Vancouver and remember it was dumping rain along with thunder and lightening in the late morning. But the weather didn’t know that I had committed to running 16k that day for my half marathon training for San Diego. And it didn’t care either. And my goal didn’t care about any excuses I would have about getting the task done that I committed to.

So, I geared up, got out there and ran my 16k. And I felt amazing as I listened to my new playlist, A New Happy, and ran amongst the giant firs and cedars and beautiful nature that defines the West Coast.

A few years ago I never thought I could run this far. But through sticking to my goals, rain, snow or shine, I now can do things I never thought I could do. And knowing this, it only gets better from here!