Leadership Coaching

Coaching To Create Daring Leaders & Courageous Work Cultures

What is Courageous Leadership?

Courageous leadership is about doing what’s right instead of what’s easy while being of service to those you lead.

Leaders who operate from a place of courage don’t shy away from difficult conversations, they lean into them. They are humble enough to admit their weaknesses, confident in their own strengths while committed to building up those around them for the greater good of their team and organization . These individuals are courageous enough to lead by example, demonstrating the fundamentals of trust, commitment and accountability in themselves to inspire and lead the way for their teams.

A courageous leader is someone who is willing to dive into the deep and rumble around through their discomfort in order to grow and achieve their next level of success. Because they know that if they’re not willing to do this, they can’t expect their teams to.

And these are the leaders I work with.

How I Work With Leaders

As a leader, you may be feeling the pressure from internal or external factors. Or you may be feeling the uncertainty around where you really are in the marketplace with your competitors. Your strategy seemed so clear and achievable but now you’re not so sure you were on track or on target.

You may be questioning your teams’ leadership skills and maybe your own and wondering if investing in your people and company culture could impact your competitive edge. 

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re right. 

“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.” – David Cummings


I will work with you, be your guide and come alongside you in your change. I will work with you exactly where you’re at and where you want to go. I won’t only help you change, but I will also show you tools and concepts that help you develop the critical skills required in change.

I’ll help you understand and sustain your competitive edge, which will stem partially from the commitment of your team members. Working with you and your team, we will endeavour to increase the commitment in your team members and organization through helping them get comfortable with the discomfort that comes with healthy conflict and trust within teams.  Once they are committed, they will be able to hold each other accountable which will strengthen their ability to focus on the results of the organization. When leaders are focused on results, then there’s a drive towards innovation which will help them adapt to change and become more sustainable.

So my strength in your organization is that I won’t shy away from the discomfort that comes with change and the challenges you are facing. In fact, I will help you and your team members move toward it, embrace it and use it as an opportunity for growth and positive change. I am the catalyst in helping you and your team members make the change you’re wanting to make.

Building Effective Teams Begins With Trust

Why Invest in Leadership Coaching for Your Team?

Leadership Coaching with teams brings a process and framework for team members to build trust for healthy and effective relationships. It creates a space for difficult conversations where team members are heard, respected and empowered to see the difference that makes in their team.

Through trust, individuals can show up as they need to, they can communicate how they need to and engage in healthy conflict in the pursuit of exchanging ideas and collaborating.

When teams are based on trust, they hold each other accountable because they care about each other. And with this as a foundation, they are motivated to focus on the goals and results of their organization.

And this focus on the goals and results of the organization as whole is why it’s worth it to invest in leadership coaching for your team.

My Process

Identify Problem & Cause

What's the problem and how did you get there

What results are you after

What outcome will add the value you're seeking

What's Getting In The Way

What are your obstacles, let's overcome them

Guide You Through The Process

I'm alongside you with coaching, tools & concepts

Attain your results for success

My value added is successful and you have the results you were looking for

Your Competitive Advantage

As a business, how can you sustain success over time? How can you have an edge over your competitors not just now, but in the long term? The key is leadership and a culture built on trust, accountability and commitment and a clear competitive advantage that sets you apart from the rest.

I work with you and your team to help build leadership capacity and develop strategic plans that will build a culture to sustain your competitive advantage and success over the long term.

Some Of My Tools

The Advantage

The Advantage book and team building process by Patrick Lencioni

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Facilitation workshop and process by Patrick Lencioni

Dare to Lead

Courageous Leadership Resources by Brene Brown


EQi-2.0 Assessment and Workplace, Leadership, 360 & Higher Education Reports

Immunity To Change

Overcoming change and unlocking full potential process by Robert Kegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Insight Timer & Other Tools

The Strategic  Planning Process

Scan Competitive Environment

What’s happening around you

Define Competitive Advantage

What separates you apart from the rest

Create a Plan For Success

What will success look like for your organization

Define Measurables & Commitments

How will you measure your success

Tie Strategy to Focus

How will your teams be accountable to your success

Result: Clear Strategic Plan For Long Term Success

A useable plan to sustain your competitive advantage over time

We are a small non-profit with 11 board members and two staff. Dagmar was suggested to us, via a colleague, to facilitate our annual Strategic Planning Session. After two meetings and a series of e-mails and phone calls, we were set! The day went really well – evaluations were all positive.

Dagmar took the information/documents that had been developed over the last two years, including the current strategic plan, and worked our agenda around what we have left to do in 2019, and who would be working on what areas of that plan.

 She is gentle but firm, detailed, but able to take out the unnecessary comments, moves the day along and we were finished right on time! As she moves further into the facilitation field, I would highly recommend Dagmar for work with any size of group.

Good luck and thank you Dagmar!

Margaret Fraser

Board President, Lynn Valley Services Society

What The Research Says

Biggest Impacts From Coaching

  • Improved Communication Skills 42% 42%
  • Increased Self Esteem & Confidence 40% 40%
  • Increased Productivity 39% 39%
  • Optimized Individual Team Work Performance 38% 38%
  • Improved Work / Life Balance 34% 34%