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Accountability - EP. 27

Accountability.  What does it mean to be accountable?  To ourselves, to our teams, to our company and organization. 

Leadership and Career Coach Barry Forward talk about what it takes to hold ourselves accountable, hold others accountable and create a space where accountability lives in our work, our lives and in all the activities and relationships we are involved with.  We we unpack the entire notion of being accountable and discuss strategies to bring accountability into our work and our lives.

Listen to the full episode here.

Boundaries - EP. 33

Boundaries, what do good ones look like and why do we have such a hard time setting them?

Leadership and Career Coach Barry Forward, CEC and I joined forces again in one of our Courage Confab sessions as we dive into the topic of Boundaries and Leadership. Join us as we get into the messy and uncomfortable and share our insights on the importance of boundaries, the cost of not having them and how we can learn to set good ones with others.

Listen to the full episode here.

The Heart of Teaching Podcast

Dagmar's Life Lessons - EP. 45

In this episode of The Heart of Teaching, I have a conversation with my former high school teacher, Dave Ruzycki and share my personal story and learnings from the latest chapter in my life. 

We talk about emotional intelligence, the importance it plays in our life and work and the work of coaching and role it plays in navigating change and challenges. 

Listen to the full episode here.

Feedback - EP. 28

Leadership and Career Coach Barry Forward and I talk about feedback, why it’s challenging for some of us and what you can do to give better feedback.

We look how to create a culture where feedback is welcomed, encouraged and trusted.  

Randall Stutman founder and co-head of the Leadership Practice  the Admired Leadership Institute states that Balanced Feedback requires a person to give both positive and negative feedback in an equally vivid, elaborate, and detailed manner.

Listen to the full episode here.

Reboot Forward Podcast - Dagmar Meachem

Courage & Coaching Through Change - EP. 4

They say that vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.

Well thanks to Barry Forward, I had an opportunity to test this theory of vulnerability and courage by telling my heartfelt story of falling and rising back up again, changing careers at the age of 40 and finding my purpose-work. 

Listen to full episode here.


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