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Courage Confab – Episode 33 – Boundaries

Boundaries, what do good ones look like and why do we have such a hard time setting them?

Leadership and Career Coach Barry Forward, CEC and I joined forces again on his Reboot Forward Podcast for another one of our Courage Confab sessions as we dive into the topic of Boundaries and Leadership. Join us as we get into the messy and uncomfortable and share our insights on the importance of boundaries, the cost of not having them and how we can learn to set good ones with others.

Listen to the full 30 min episode here.

Courage Confab – Episode 28 – Feedback

Giving and receiving good feedback is not just an art but more a learned set of inter and intra personal skills that are critical for relationships, teams, leadership, personal growth and healthy and positive work cultures. And whether you’re giving or receiving it, it really does start with you!

Leadership and Career Coach Barry Forward and I take a deep dive into feedback on our monthly Reboot Forward Podcast, Courage Confab Session. Join us as we talk about why it’s hard and how we can learn to give and receive it better.

Listen to the full 30 min episode here.

Reboot Forward Podcast – Episode 4 – Courage & Coaching Through Change 

They say that vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.

Well, it sure doesn’t feel that way sometimes for many of us. I’m sure that many can relate that vulnerability often feels like exposure and weakness, revealing those parts we’d rather hide.

Well thanks to Barry Forward and the amazing space he creates for others to share their stories of change and transformation on your Reboot Forward Podcast, I had an opportunity to test this theory of vulnerability and courage by telling my heartfelt story of falling and rising back up again.

Stories do inspire. But the courage to be truly authentic and vulnerable in our stories is what inspires others to take action in their lives where they never thought they could.

Listen to full 29 min episode here.

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