Coaching to inspire positive change within yourself and your business.


I believe that when we’re supported and encouraged to find what’s meaningful in our work, we can show up in a more authentic way and achieve the success we dream of. 

The first step is always courage and being ready for change.

Small Business Coaching

Through a supportive and in-depth exploratory process, we take a deeper look at all aspects of your business, including you the business owner, and together create a strategy for your success. I will help you connect to your business, unblock what might be limiting you and build a strong foundation so you can handle whatever comes your way. Whether you’re stuck in the beginning stages of creating a new business or you’re looking to grow an existing one, together we will unlock your true potential and drive forward the success of your business.

Leadership Coaching & Team Development

I partner with leaders in a thought-provoking and creative process that provides clarity and direction to help individuals, leaders and teams reach their full potential and achieve better results. Through one-one coaching, group coaching and facilitated workshops, I supply tools and concepts that help my clients develop the critical skills needed to make change. I create a space for difficult conversations where leaders are heard, respected and empowered.  I coach leaders to show up more authentically and operate from a place of courage. 

Career Transition Coaching

Through a compassionate and supportive process, I am a partner in change for individuals looking for that next, more meaningful path in their life, aka ‘Second Mountain’. I provide tools and frameworks so you can get clarity about who you are, what’s important to you, what your skills and strengths are and what you might like to do. We take a look at any obstacles in your way, including you, and build within you a sense of confidence and courage so you can take the next step and do the work that fulfills you and is connected to your purpose.

Speciality Areas

Navigating Change

Through a combination of my own personal and professional experience and training and development, I developed a practical and positive approach to even the most difficult change. Using four key elements, you are supported in a positive and powerful way through your change and also equipped to handle any kind of change that comes your way. 

Emotional Intelligence

Using the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment & Reporting tool, I provide an evidenced based and personal experience for business owners and leaders to learn about their emotional intelligence and develop the skills to be highly effective leaders and business owners. Combined with coaching support, leaders can utilize their understanding about themselves as a guide for their own growth and change.



Conflict Resolution

Using a ‘start with self’ approach, I support individuals and teams in conflict, helping them use their conflict as an opportunity for change and growth. Combining both coaching and mediation tools, frameworks and processes, I help individuals and teams develop a greater capacity for difficult conversations through developing self-awareness, empathy and other emotional intelligence skills.

Business Development

Being a lifelong entrepeneur, I have a passion for helping individuals who want to make an impact through their business. Through my tested and trued framework, I support business owners through a deep and thoughtful process of connecting to their ‘why’, creating an inspiring vision, recognizing their strengths, defining their brand and creating a success driven action strategy. 

Dagmar is a strategic partner for me and helps me think through how I want to execute on my business goals, always challenging me to think bigger for myself. This past year especially, she’s helped me to make some critical enhancements to the way I see my businesses and how to merge them together. The strategic changes I’ve made to my businesses the last two years were born out of conversations with Dagmar. I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Jordan Jensen, Founder & Certified Business Coach @ Jordan B Jensen

Dagmar was referred to me when I was looking for coaching through a pivotal career transition – deciding whether to start my own consulting practice. Working with Dagmar, I reignited the ‘fire in my belly’, discovered a path to truly taking control of my career destiny, and was able to bring that path to life in a relatively short period of time. I feel more empowered and fulfilled in my career than I have in a long time, and I will forever be grateful to Dagmar for that. I would (and have!) wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to find the courage to make a meaningful transformation in their lives.

Tamara Melck, Founder & Principal @ BackPocket Exec Advisory Co

Dagmar coached me through a difficult time in my career with honesty, (constructive and at times necessarily uncomfortable) challenge and a well structured framework of self-reflection and personal exploration. Dagmar was an inspiration. Throughout our process, Dagmar patiently and gently guided me to allow me the space to discover, and be vulnerable and authentic to my values and beliefs.

In 2021, I moved with my family to Portugal for a lifestyle change and completed my Masters and a Thesis that I’m very proud of. I have launched a new Advisory business and I’m also starting my own coaching qualifications so that I can help others going through similar transitions. With Dagmar’s coaching, I feel ready and able for sustainable, positive long term change in my professional and personal life. I’m doing the things that make me happy. I have come away with some key skills and approaches from Dagmar that will hold me in good stead long into the future.

Sam Houston, Principal & Founder @ Strategist Solutions

I’m ready when you are! Positive change is right around the corner.