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We can’t change what we can’t see.

When people ask me about coaching and the difference coaching makes, the first thing I say is that it helps them see what they can’t see so they can make the change they haven’t been able to.

The majority of people I work with want to make a change but they haven’t figured out how to make the change. And that piece, figuring out how to make the change, is all about helping people see what they can’t see and learn what they don’t know so they can do what they haven’t done before.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. ~ Albert Einstein


And the first step of this process is having the courage to change our perspective.

We all have our own perspective and it’s subjective based on our beliefs, values and experience in life. But what often becomes a ‘light shining moment’ is when people discover the role their beliefs are playing in their change. They discover that their beliefs, the ones that once kept them safe and brought them comfort, are actually now getting in the way of the change they’re trying to make.

This lack of knowing what’s going on internally combined with a wanting for things to be different is what creates tension and conflict within ourselves. The best way forward is to use this tension and explore this inner conflict so that a new path can be created. And it’s this new path that leads to change.


In change, there’s a conflict and tension that exists in all of us around wanting something different but not having it yet. And this conflict and tension will remain until we uncover what we can’t see.


How Coaching Makes the Difference

The power of coaching and what it provides is a supportive and empowering process to lean into that tension and inner conflict and use it to discover what the blocks are. These blocks usually show up as:

  • Fears – what fears are holding me back?
  • Beliefs – what beliefs do I have that may be limiting me?
  • Assumptions – what am I assuming that may not be true?

When you shine the light on what you couldn’t see before, you can face your challenges with clarity, confidence and most of all, courage. And from there, it’s all about creating a plan and taking action to execute on that plan.

And this is how change is possible.

Change is possible by having the courage to shine the light on what you can’t see.

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