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Small Business Coaching

You’re really good at what you do and…you may be holding yourself back

In the world of business, entrepreneurship and small business ownership gets falsly advertised as a way to do what you love. 

Those of you that take the leap are often caught in a catch-22. You want the freedom to choose your own path, the freedom to do the work you love and/or the freedom to live life your own way.

BUT, you soon learn it’s harder than you thought. Running a business is complicated, getting people to buy your product or service is hard and earning the money you want or need to seems beyond what’s possible.

You might be thinking “is this the right path for me?” or “I love what I do but will this provide the income I truly want?” or “Am I capable if pulling this off?”

So you either keep putting off the decision to start your own business or you keep struggling with substandard results in your current business.   Either way, it’s not the life you want to live, but what can you do?

Let me help and show you a whole new way of looking at this, starting with you.  

You + Me = Your new Business Development Team

I help purpose led small business owners evolve and grow so you can build and grow the exceptional businesses you want and make the impact you’ve been dreaming of.  How?

Dagmar Meachem Business Coach West Vancouver
  • By starting with you, the business owner – I focus on where you might be stuck and what skills and development opportunities would be key to impacting your business in a positive way.
  • By building you a strong business foundation – I guide you through a process to clarify the fundamental parts of your business necessary for effective marketing, strategy and long term success.
  • By helping you connect to your business – I help you clarify your vision, the impact you want to make and why fulfilling on your business is important to you.
  • By taking a practical and strategic approach – I provide a practical and proven process to clarify the complex components of business planning and strategy.
  • By helping you believe in you – I provide a supportive space and process to shift your limiting beliefs, adopt a success-oriented mindset and build the confidence you need to persevere.

My clients have been able to fulfil on their business goals…

The ROI has been amazing.  Over the course of our 6 months of working together, I have achieved ALL of the goals I set out in our very first session, one of which was to launch my first online course. If you had told me 6 months ago that this is where I’d be today, I wouldn’t have believed you!

Jacinthe Koddo

Founder , Koddo & Co

Dagmar’s coaching was essential in identifying and overcoming my deepest fears, helping me regain confidence both personally and professionally. She was incredibly supportive and helped me stay accountable. I strongly recommend her coaching program and look forward to continuing to work with her.

Raul Silveira

Project Manager, Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer , Raul Silveira Design

Dagmar created a very safe, energizing space to find clarity around my goals and to make a plan for change. She asked the right questions and helped me look at things in a way that moved me quickly through my greatest motivations and fears. In the end, both became the fuel for starting Mothership Marketing with my incredible partner Alisha Mills. Now, our lives and futures are in our hands. 

Ali Gardiner

Co-Founder, Mothership Marketing

My Business Coaching Helps You…

Build a New Business and Do What You Love

I provide an in-depth process of discovery and change for individuals looking to create a business that’s aligned with your values and purpose and why. We answer that question ‘am I doing what brings me meaning and fulfilment in my life?’ I support you in taking that next step, creating an actionable business model and strategy and starting the fulfilling and successful business you’ve been dreaming of. 

Grow an Existing Business for the Long Term

When I work with existing businesses, I partner with you through a pragmatic and solutions focused process. The goal is always to resolve problems and inefficiencies, create a vision for long-term sustainable success, design an actionable strategy to achieve it and execute on that strategy. I will support you in overcoming your current challenges, including doing some self-discovery, so you can experience the success you’ve been dreaming of. 

Key Benefits of Business Coaching

Personalized Guidance

Tailored coaching sessions designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of your business.

Strategic Planning

Help you develop actionable strategies and plans to achieve your business goals, whether it’s increasing revenue, expanding market reach, or improving operational efficiency.


Provide accountability and support to ensure you stay focused on your goals and follow through with your action plans.

Problem Solving

Assist you in identifying and overcoming obstacles and challenges you may encounter in your business journey.

Skill Development

Offer guidance and resources to help you enhance their leadership, management, marketing, sales, and other essential skills needed to succeed in business.

Confidence Boost

Build confidence feel empowered to make informed decisions by validating your strengths, offering constructive feedback, and guiding you through challenging situations.

Time Efficiency

Help you streamline your processes, delegate tasks effectively, and prioritize your time to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Measurable Results

Track progress and measure the impact of coaching interventions, demonstrating tangible results and return on investment for your business.

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