Choose Growth Over Fear

Choose Growth Over Fear

Choosing our path can sometimes be easy, but most often it’s not.

What often clouds our decision making is fear and stories we’ve made up. Sometimes these fears sound like:

  • what if I fail
  • what if this doesn’t work
  • what if they discover the truth, that I’m a fraud
  • the last time I did this it didn’t work out
  • be realistic, that path is only for dreamers
  • you can’t make money doing that

What if there was a way to address those fears and stories in a new way, would you want to find out? What if those fears and stories were just BS? What if the only purpose they serve is to protect you from getting hurt? What if you knew that those fears will NEVER push you out of your comfort zone and into a place of new possibilities?

Where would you rather stay, trapped in fear and crappy stories that don’t serve you, OR, in a new place of growth, possibilities and opportunity?

The choice is always yours, what do YOU choose?

Secret To Change: Where You Focus

Secret To Change: Where You Focus

The secret of change is not about fighting the old but rather on building the new.  ~Socrates~

Easier said than done Socrates. It takes courage to face the change we’re in, accept what is, let go of what might be holding us back and learn and grow from the experience.

It takes a perspective that there are more positive things awaiting us on the other side and that it will be in fact better than where we are now.

It takes a growth mindset to focus on building the new. And that’s not for the faint hearted, as many of you know.

But what’s the alternative. When we stay focused on the past, we only get results that resemble the past. But when we focus on the future, as uncertain and unknown as it is, we open ourselves to possibilities we never could have dreamed up.

The choice is yours and starts with you. What do you choose?

If Change Was Easy

If Change Was Easy

If change was easy, there would be no growth and transformation wouldn’t be possible. 

The butterfly doesn’t complain when it struggles to break through the chrysalis. In fact, it’s the struggle that completes the growth for the butterfly. 

If you helped pull the butterfly out of the chrysalis before it was ready, before it has struggled it’s way through, it wouldn’t be strong enough to survive in the wild.

So, if change is hard for you right now, it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to challenge you, it’s supposed to be uncomfortable, it might even be painful. 

You might even be breaking open, so you can grow back stronger, wiser and more capable than you ever knew you were. .

So keep leaning in, embrace your change and everything that comes with it. Because the bigger the challenge, the bigger the growth. And the growth is so worth it all.