Insight as a Leadership Skill

Insight as a Leadership Skill

A key skill for leaders is Insight, the ability to share a purpose or vision and inspire their teams to achieve goals in support of that purpose or vision.

As a leader, you may have a strong vision for what you want to achieve but if you lack the interpersonal or coaching skills required to inspire, motivate and mobilize your team, your vision will only be partially realized. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills are fundamental to those interpersonal and coaching skills and all of them can be strengthened, whatever level you find yourself at.

I work with leaders to grow these EQ skills, such as Empathy, Assertiveness, Flexibility and Emotional Awareness, so they can grow their capacity as a leader and make the impact they’re wanting through their vision.

If you’re a leader who has a vision and you’re possibly struggling with how to make it happen, learn more about EQ and EQ coaching and the difference it will make in you and your team.