Letting Go For Change

Letting Go For Change

Letting go is an essential part of change.

Sometimes we’re not aware of how much we hold onto the past or how much it holds onto us.

That’s why in order to move forward or ‘Fall Through Our Change’, we must be willing to let go, let go of our hurt, our disappointments, our pain and our beliefs that keep some of those things in place.

Letting Go is step three in my ‘Falling Through Change’ Model. To learn more about my model and how to fall through your change visit the Resources page.

And for now, what might you need to let go of in order to move forward on your journey of change?

Beliefs: The Key to Your Change

Beliefs: The Key to Your Change

If we want something we’ve never had, we have to do something we’ve never done and, here’s the secret key, and change beliefs we didn’t know need changing.

It’s our beliefs about ourselves that most often get in the way to making positive change in our lives. We may want something so bad, but if we don’t think we deserve it, are worthy of it, will be safe or the list goes on, then we will actually push away or sabotage the positive things that come as we move through the process.

Have you checked your beliefs lately? Do you really think you deserve it or are worthy of it? Perhaps it’s worth having a look.

And if you discover that your beliefs are actually standing in the way of your positive change, then I encourage you to be courageous and lean into the process of changing them to ones that support and facilitate your change.

Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go of the Past

Letting go of the past

The process of personal growth involves a great deal of letting go of the past and things that happened to us or around us when we were kids.

It’s quite amazing how it can impact us well into our adulthood. We underestimate the impact and often hope that it’s far enough in the past to not affect us anymore. 

But the thing is, no matter how long ago your childhood is now, you made up beliefs about yourself, who you are in this world, what you’re worth, what might be your fault, what you have to do for love and belonging etc. These are your beliefs and the negative ones you form about yourself are your limiting beliefs.

And we carry these into adulthood. So much of my work with clients is looking at these beliefs, learning how we came up with them, and then creating new ones that serve us better.

The poem above is for children and adult children of alcoholics. We carry the burden of somehow feeling responsible for helping our parents and carry a feeling of guilt, shame and failure when we’re not successful (which is inevitable for a child to not be able to fix their parents). This later in life turns into a behaviour of taking responsibility for other’s lives, other’s outcomes, other’s problems. And so the burden we carry gets heavier and heavier.

My work involves removing that burden, cutting the ties to people’s past so they’re not carrying the weight of that guilt anymore. I help people finally be free to step into their own light, unburdened, so they can be free to truly be their best and live that life they imagined. .

Stillness Helps You Heal

Stillness Helps You Heal

Presence and stillness provide an opening to a part of ourselves that wants to be healed. 

But this opening can be painful, and that’s why most people avoid it. And so it’s much easier to be busy, occupy yourself with distractions and avoid the stillness. 

But eventually this strategy catches up with you because the pain gets stronger, the armour gets heavier to carry and it seems that you can’t avoid it any longer. Something has to change because what’s currently going on isn’t sustainable. 

It could be your job, the way you show up in your job, who you are in your relationships or your lack of relationships, the toxicity with people in your life or merely the dissatisfaction of your own life. 

When you allow yourself to be still and when you have the courage to let the thoughts rush in, that is when you start the process of allowing yourself to heal, let go, learn and grow. 

In my workshops and through my one-on-one coaching, I use meditation, nature and visualization as a way to provide stillness, to stop the wheels and finally let the thoughts rush in. It’s through this and a compassionate yet powerful coaching process where people truly experience transformation. It’s through the letting go in order to make room for the new where people discover their true authentic selves and are inspired to show up in that every single day.

Changing Your Beliefs

Changing Your Beliefs

In order to do something you’ve never done before, you have to be willing to break through a limiting belief you’ve never overcome before. 

Our beliefs are the only thing standing in the way of our personal growth, how we want to show up and what we want to achieve in our life.  And our beliefs determine whether or not we think we deserve it and are worthy of it. 

So what is it that you want and how would you rather be showing up in this world that’s a more authentic and powerful version of yourself? Then ask yourself honestly what do you really believe about yourself and how worthy you are?

If your beliefs are something around I’m not enough and who am I to deserve this success, then it’s around your beliefs where your work will begin. 

Because it’s when we change our beliefs about ourselves, then our world opens up, the impossible becomes possible and we learn we truly are worthy and deserving of all our hopes, dreams and success.