Team Development

Coaching for Trust, Collaboration and Creativity

Building Effective  Teams Begins With Trust

The strongest and most effective teams are built on a foundation of trust. From there, they are able to have healthy conflict and spirited debate in order to bring out the best of their creativity and collaborate on their ideas. And it all begins with trust.

What's the one thing you could change?

What’s the one thing, that if you could change it, your team would be more effective and your business would experience more success?

Does your team struggle with conflict? Do they talk more behind each other’s backs instead of directly? Is there unnecessary drama? Are they committed to company goals or more to their own? Do you think your team members are tapping into the best of themselves, or are they holding back?

There could be an issue of trust.


Why Invest in Team Development Coaching?

Team Development Coaching brings a process and framework for team members to build trust for healthy and effective relationships. It creates a space for difficult conversations where team members are heard, respected and empowered to see the difference that makes in their team.

Through trust, individuals can show up as they need to, they can communicate how they need to and engage in healthy conflict in the pursuit of exchanging ideas and collaborating.

When teams are based on trust, they hold each other accountable because they care about each other. And with this as a foundation, they are motivated to focus on the goals and results of their organization.

And this focus on the goals and results of the organization as whole is why it’s worth it to invest in Team Development Coaching.

My Process

Identify Problem & Cause

What's the problem and how did you get there

What results are you after

What outcome will add the value you're seeking

What's Getting In The Way

What are your obstacles, let's overcome them

Guide You Through The Process

I'm alongside you with coaching, tools & concepts

Attain your results for success

My value added is successful and you have the results you were looking for

What Can You Expect

Biggest Impacts From Coaching

  • Improved Communication Skills 42% 42%
  • Increased Self Esteem & Confidence 40% 40%
  • Increased Productivity 39% 39%
  • Optimized Individual Team Work Performance 38% 38%
  • Improved Work / Life Balance 34% 34%

My Tools

The Advantage

The Advantage book and team building process by Patrick Lencioni

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Facilitation workshop and process by Patrick Lencioni

Strong Interest Inventory

Career assessment and planning tool for career transitions


EQi-2.0 Assessment and Workplace, Leadership, 360 & Higher Education Reports

Immunity To Change

Overcoming change and unlocking full potential process by Robert Kegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Insight Timer & Other Tools

Featured Case Study

Trust Building Workshop | PJ Kids Club, West Vancouver

Dagmar is a passionate and experienced coach, that met our needs to start a process of a team building process. Dagmar is very knowledgeable, and her energy is contagious. You feel safe and comfortable to share your experiences, and hopefully we can start a maintenance program under her guidance which will help to keep ur team united and successful.

Diana Kadi

Program Manager

I really enjoyed the workshop while learning so much about the teamwork. Dagmar presented the concept of the Team in a very clear manner. She directed step by step and equipped all the members to work together reaching the same goal. I highly recommend this workshop to any organization.

PJ Kids Club Team Member

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