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Angela McConnell, Branding & Portrait Photographer in Vancouver, shares her personal experience with coaching and how it added value and impacted her business and in life overall. She shares what role courage played in her personal growth and change and when I asked her what’s the biggest difference I made, she shares “You challenge me in ways that I need to be challenged”.

Facilitation & Team Development

We are a small non-profit with 11 board members and two staff. Dagmar was suggested to us, via a colleague, to facilitate our annual Strategic Planning Session. After two meetings and a series of e-mails and phone calls, we were set! The day went really well – evaluations were all positive.

Dagmar took the information/documents that had been developed over the last two years, including the current strategic plan, and worked our agenda around what we have left to do in 2019, and who would be working on what areas of that plan.

 She is gentle but firm, detailed, but able to take out the unnecessary comments, moves the day along and we were finished right on time! As she moves further into the facilitation field, I would highly recommend Dagmar for work with any size of group.

Good luck and thank you Dagmar!

Margaret Fraser

Board President, Lynn Valley Services Society

Dagmar is a passionate and experienced coach, that met our needs to start a process of a team building process. Dagmar is very knowledgeable, and her energy is contagious. You feel safe and comfortable to share your experiences, and hopefully we can start a maintenance program under her guidance which will help to keep ur team united and successful.

Diana Kadi

Manager, PJ Kids Club

I really enjoyed the workshop while learning so much about the teamwork. Dagmar presented the concept of the Team in a very clear manner. She directed step by step and equipped all the members to work together reaching the same goal. I highly recommend this workshop to any organization.

PJ Kids Club Team Member

PJ Kids Club

Career Transitions & Entrepreneurship

Hiring Dagmar to help create a vision and plan for my future career path was the best decision I have made in a long time. While I’d done a lot of thinking about it, Dagmar held me accountable to taking the action that is essential to the discovery process. She also has a gift for helping people uncover what can be summed up as the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which translates to ‘reason for being’ or ‘meaning for life’. Dagmar’s coaching helped me connect what I love, what the world needs, what I am good at and what I can be paid for. I would highly recommend Dagmar and Courage Space coaching for anyone trying to find their reason for being!

Lindsey Boyle

Vice President, Vancouver, The Sound

It takes courage to open up to someone new especially in a coaching relationship but I was instantly comfortable with Dagmar. She was very clear in the process of defining the hurdles I wanted to get through in business and defining the results I wished to see as a result of coaching. She took a few different approaches in our sessions together to uncover my roadblocks and make a plan on how to get through them. I had several breakthrough moments which lead to greater flow and movement toward my goals in business. I am most appreciative of the work we have already done together and if you are reading this now, have the courage and reach out to Dagmar today!

Katy Mackenzie

Mortgage Broker, The Mortgage Group

Courage Space Coaching & Dagmar helped me a lot. She’s a wonderful person with gifted listening and coaching skills – which was what I needed, to help me. She is patient, intelligent and understanding and over only three sessions; she has been invaluable in helping me re-group my focus, confidence, better manage myself and create better direction and energy with where I’m at and where I want to be – even considering new business ideas I hadn’t thought about! I am extremely grateful to and strongly recommend Dagmar to anyone in a career or life transition or needing some independent assistance or advice, particularly with starting a new business.

James E Wilson

I moved to Canada nearly three years ago, knowing that me working as a physiotherapist would be nearly impossible. I had the need to do something meaningful apart from being the mother of 3, and also to do something crazy like being creative! And if that could also mean reducing the negative impact on our planet...
I started my coaching with Dagmar right in the beginning of starting my business. I had my ideas and thoughts, and she helped me kick myself right into the next step; action. She has been an immense help to clarify where i want to go with my business and which steps to take to get there. Dagmar is clever in the way she gets out of me things l already know deep down, and only surfaces during our sessions. She has this way of pushing me and challenging me, just enough for me to feel a little bit of resistance, and of course that’s when l know I’m on the right track. She is helping me move further once l have reached one goal, with setting up strategies to reach the next one.
I feel so inspired after every session and left with a feeling of knowing that l can totally do whatever I’ve set out to do before meeting again. What stands out is her true enthusiasm and making me believe in my ideas and my business. I wholeheartedly recommend Dagmar to every new entrepreneur. I am so excited and so blessed to have her help me develop my dream.
Helene Pemmer

Owner | Creative Designer, Mi + Moe

Working with Dagmar has been rewarding on so many levels. It has given me a much clearer direction and strategy within my business, really helping me to get clarity on what my core message is so that I can communicate it much more clearly to my clients. It has also helped me to expand past my comfort zone, and Dagmar has challenged me in all the right ways (not without some push back on my end), to move past my blocks. On a personal level, it has helped me to counter a lot of negative self-talk and develop strategies to deal with situations that would have sent me into a downward spiral previously.

I would highly recommend working with Dagmar, especially as a small business owner to help unlock and expand your business goals.

Angela McConnell

Professional Photographer, Angela McConnell Photography

Dagmar has been a blessing. I connected with her at a difficult, rather confusing time in my life and after just one session I knew I wanted and needed more of what she was able to offer.

I felt she really heard me, and that she worked with great care and consideration, tailor-making our sessions to best suit my needs.

This is what really stands out for me – how personalized her coaching was. I found her style to be incredibly gentle, yet powerful. She knows when to pursue a line of inquiry, and when to move on.

After every session I felt really empowered to take action, to do the homework she assigned, to recognize my limiting beliefs and patterns of thinking. Through imagery she helped me break through my resistance to the necessary process of marketing my book, and helped me to view it through new eyes. I think this process was crucial to my being able to move on. I felt empowered and clear about my next steps.

Becky Livingston

Author, The Suitcase & The Jar : Travels With a Daughter's Ashes

I began following Dagmar on Instagram for a while. I was drawn by the content that she was sharing with her followers. I could sense how genuine she was just by her social media presence. I felt compelled to contact her to help me with some limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of moving forward with my business and personal relationships. From the moment I met Dagmar, I knew that she is the real deal. Kind, compassionate, wise and proactive in her approach. She has helped me see a few “invisible” patterns that I have began to change. The impact of such has been impactful, relevant and positive. Thank you Dagmar for showing up and caring for your clients!

Susana Abreu Bello

Owner / Creator, Trans4mation Health and Wellness

Virtually each time Dagmar and I have a session, I experience a major shift regarding my business mindset. There have been issues regarding fear of success, dealing with opposition to my business by my family, lack of focus, just to name a few challenges. I didn’t even realize that I had these issues until speaking with Dagmar but they have been holding me back from doing what I love, well. Dagmar seems to be able to cut through all of my talk to quickly take me to the underlying issues of which I was not even aware. Working as an entrepreneur for the first time in my life presents different challenges to a normal 9 to 5 job. Dagmar has helped me to bring more focus and determination to my business by working through blocks with me that impede my success. I feel very lucky to have such a person on my side in this wide world of opportunity and challenges.

Kim Connolly

Health & Vitality Coach, KC Coaching, Sawtell Australia

Dagmar has had such a huge impact on my life.  She not only managed to guide me through identifying what is it that I actually want in my life, but most importantly she possesses a rare ability to get you to turn your own vision into reality.  I love how you pushed me beyond my comfort zone.  You always listened and gave me coaching based on my own model of the world and it worked perfectly.  THANK YOU for giving me the courage to go back to school and fulfill my dream career.  You are THE BEST!!


West Vancouver

Life Challenges & Personal Development

Dagmar Meachem will help you to identify and explore those aspects of self that hold you back from reaching your full potential. In transitions she will come alongside to not only support but help you lay the foundation for your new season. In addition to professional knowledge and skills she brings a personal and deep understanding of what it takes to courageously face and conquer the challenges that life brings. She will help you to make that elusive break through in your life.

John Radford, Ph. D. Psychology

Conflict Consultant, Transpectives Consulting Inc.

Dagmar and I re-connected last year, seemingly by destiny. I was looking for a new direction, a radically different way of expression in my life after going through a very difficult and painful experience. Spontaneously and naturally, she created a comfortable space for us to chat and explore on several occasions, to tell my story and ultimately, put my story down with pen and paper, and onto her website. Dagmar coached me through a storytelling template that she provided and helped me be accountable for completing it. These were two key tools to push me along.

I think Dagmar’s ability to effectively coach and bring out someone’s life story is her passion, her natural ability, her gift to the world, her calling, her way of making a difference. -Her flair and style to do this is borne from her own personal journey and experiences. I’d say the biggest thing Dagmar did for me was help empower me to, -not only be ok with sharing my story, but to do so proudly, with dignity, and authenticity. I would highly recommend meeting Dagmar and considering her for your organization’s coaching needs.

Fenton Fong

Principal & Owner, FF Consultancy Co.

Dagmar expertly blends finely-tuned coaching skills and techniques with her intuition in her coaching practice. One of the biggest gifts from working with Dagmar is her presence: she shows up focused, attentive, authentic, and soothing – somehow always exactly what I need. Her approach has been so supportive and empowering while working through challenging topics. Working with Dagmar has helped me take action and see results.

Taylor Cook

Career Advisor & Program Lead, Ivey Business School Western University

Dagmar is a warm and supportive coach with the ability to create a safe space for you to explore your vision, options, goals and strategies in order to identify solution focused action plans.  She has helped catapult me forward onto the path to achieving long held goals.  I would recommend Dagmar as a coach to anybody who wants to focus their efforts and energy into realizing their potential and achieving at a new level.

Darrell Farrow

Principal Geologist, GeoStrat Consulting Services

Dagmar is an incredible Life Coach. With ease and grace, she gently facilitated a very necessary change in my life. She provided me with the tools to explore and find insight into my situation. I felt empowered to tackle my issue and came out the other side with clarity and a positive outlook toward my future.

Jaye Gilchrist

Bonville, Australia

I have worked with a life coach before and learned so much from the experience. It was like a big jumpstart to a new direction in my life. Two years later I realized that it was time for some growth, and I went to Dagmar for more life coaching. She is very good at pinpointing where I get stuck, and positively determined to get me to deal with whatever it is that’s making me stuck. I’m good at digging my heels in, but she’ll dig deeper, so I can’t get away with it. That’s what you need to get ‘unstuck’. If you want growth, then you need to look inside and figure out how that’s going to happen.

Dagmar can help with that and is great at encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone, and embrace change and growth. Every time I meet with Dagmar I leave feeling like I achieved something and have more confidence going forward in tackling my goals. I always look forward to my meetings with Dagmar. I think one of the best things you can do for yourself if you feel stuck is go see a life coach – Dagmar will give you that supportive but determined kick in the butt that we all need sometimes.

Kelly Ockeloen

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, every-body.fit, West Vancouver

Dagmar has been instrumental as I’ve worked through both personal and professional decisions. Her approach to coaching is unique in that she truly listens to me, without judgement, and creates opportunities for me to dig deeper within myself to find my own answers. Never have I felt more empowered than after my sessions with Dagmar. She leverages the variety of experience and background she has in both life coaching and emotional intelligence to facilitate change within me. What I’ve appreciated most about my sessions with Dagmar is that she encourages me to see that my challenges are actually opportunities in disguise – and if I can tap into them and understand how they can actually progress me forward, I’ll get what I want while staying authentic to who I am. I would recommend Dagmar to anyone looking to take control of their future by realizing that they already have all of the answers they are looking for – they just need someone to bring them to the surface.

Jordan Jensen

Seattle, WA

Emotional Intelligence Training & Coaching

I have had two consultations with Dagmar at Courage Space since doing the EQ-i test. In both of these consultations Dagmar went through my strengths as well as areas needing improvement based on the EQ-i test. Dagmar not only helped me to understand which areas in my life (such as decision making and flexibility) I needed to work on, but she gave me the necessary tools for me to use in order to achieve self-improvement. Dagmar had excellent people-skills and I felt comfortable and safe opening up to her. She was able to get to the root of the problem in a way that I don’t think I could have done on my own. In my every day life I can see that I have started to become more confident in social situations and understand my own needs better so that I can look after myself and others in effective ways. 

Alana Crofts

Student, Age 19, Sawtell, Australia

I heard about Emotional Intelligence Testing as being a way to determine how to best interact with others as well as how to understand yourself and your needs better.  A way to basically know yourself and to make better decisions across any area of your life.

I thought it would be perfect for my daughter as she is deciding what to do with university study and to help her with some anxiety she has around that.  When I suggested this to my daughter and told her that I’d get her a couple of sessions with Dagmar, she was not all that keen – “What do I need that for mom, I’m good”.  I asked her to just give it a try – nothing lost and even if she got one helpful tip that would be fabulous.  She did the EQ-i test then had a follow up Skype with Dagmar.  At the end of the first session she said she couldn’t wait for the next session.  She said Dagmar helped her get to the root of her issue about her fear of moving away from home; her nervousness about going to a University where she would not know anybody; and helped her to gain some skills in dealing with uncertainty in general and in her course choice in particular.  It also gave her confidence when she realised how many areas she had strengths in and has built on them.  She had 2 sessions with Dagmar and is now feeling quite confident and excited about her move.  I would highly recommend Dagmar to any parent / teenager going through transitional times.

Helen Fagan

Sawtell, Australia

“My experience with the EQ test was nothing but positive. It only takes a short 10 minutes to do the test and the meeting really helps you better understand your emotional strengths and weaknesses, enhancing your ability in certain situations and decision making. Dagmar has been a pleasure to work with. ”

Lucas Barker

Student, Age 17, North Vancouver