The Braving Workshop

Using Courage as a Catalyst for Change in Your Life

Are You Looking For Change?

Are you feeling a bit stuck or a lot stuck in your life right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed, pulled in many different directions but heading towards no direction in particular? Maybe your job isn’t fulfilling you in the way you’d hoped, maybe the relationship you’re in has some or many challenges and maybe you’ve lost a bit of that sense of who you are? 

If you could make a change in your life right now, what would it be? Do you have this little dream inside that you’ve kept to yourself or this passion for something that you’ve never been brave enough to create or turn into reality? Do you wish for something different but have no idea how you would even start? 

The Braving Workshop might be just what you need. 

Workshop Photography & Video Production by Angela McConnell Photography

The Braving Workshop


Set in the beautiful forests and coastline of the North Shore mountains and Bowen Island,  The Braving Workshop is an inspiring one-of-a-kind experience to reconnect with yourself and set yourself on a path for positive change in your life. It’s a chance to take some time to reassess where you’re at and set a strong intention for where you want to go while spending time in nature. And this empowering experience will show you first hand that the change you’re seeking is possible and you will see it and feel it for the first time. 

Why You Should Come


  • Commit to one change you’d like to make in your life
  • Get a clear actionable plan on how you’re going to make that change
  • Identify and explore why you haven’t made that change in the past and what might be getting in the way
  • Start the process of facing the obstacles that stand in your way
  • Be inspired and feel empowered about making a positive change and know that it’s possible
  • Reignite with your strengths, your passions and what makes you great
  • Stop procrastinating, and reconnect with yourself again and discover what more you’re capable of and what’s possible

Workshop Information


The Braving Workshop is a 4 hour interactive and thought provoking outdoor workshop designed to shake things up while getting honest and real with yourself as a starting point for change. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and having courageous conversations about what you want and what you want to change. And then it’s about making a decision to take action to make it real.

The theme of the workshop is courage – courage to show up, courage to be honest with yourself, courage to envision something new and then courage to create it. We use courage as a catalyst for your change.

Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to discover what true potential is all about?

Let’s do this then. Let’s roll up our sleeves together.


Stories & Experiences of Attendees

This workshop fell into my lap at just the right time, it’s almost like the universe knew what I needed and sent Dagmar my way to guide me along. It was a morning to reflect, process, share and then take action towards breaking down the limiting beliefs I put on myself. It was a necessary step in the right direction, and a morning of clarity. Dagmar was a gentle leader and supportive friend. She listened and asked all the right questions to shimmy us along our journey especially when we felt stuck or unsure. With the ocean as our backdrop, there was no better place for a workshop like this. I left with a new sense of confidence in myself and so many great tools to help me reach my goals and live a more courageous, full life. Thank you Dagmar 🙂

Stephanie Talbot

Dagmar is a returning, invited guest facilitator to the YWCA’s FOCUS@Work employment and empowerment program for women. Her “Braving Workshop” has been extremely well received, with many clients expressing the impact this work has made on their lives: “Dagmar is truly inspiring and shows us that we are all courageous!” With one participant sharing that, “after doing the workshop, I was able to tackle something that I had been wanting to change in my personal life for a long time.” Dagmar is passionate about her work and sharing her experience with others. Thank you so much, Dagmar, for presenting at FOCUS@Work. 

Kimberly Fraser


Dagmar is such an inspiration and is so in tune with everyone’s own individual stories. The workshop helped me to tune out the world and take the time for myself in a focused but relaxed way. I now have a solid strategy for the next shift I need to make and know that there is a group of amazing women behind me, who will keep me accountable.

Katie Jones

The Braving Workshop was truly a unique experience, I’ve never done a workshop outside. Dagmar set a very open and safe space. The exercises varied and were great tools for self reflection and visualizing where I’m truthfully at now and where I would like to go from here. My outlook as changed and is more positive, my mindset has changed from a more passive to active.

Nancy Schlesinger

I loved this workshop with Dagmar. It helped me articulate goals for myself and it was so helpful to have her push me to visualize a successful result as well as creating a timeline on how to achieve my goals. Her insight and the structure of the workshop, as well as the natural setting, were all beneficial in creating a successful day. Dagmar is so passionate about helping people realize their potential, I don’t think anyone would walk away from her workshop unchanged.

Charlotte Burns

How To Attend a Braving Workshop


Create your own group of 4-8 people. This can be a group of close friends, family members or colleagues. Use the power and support of your group and lean into the discomfort together!

This workshop runs weekdays and Saturday mornings, so if you’d like to select a specific date contact me and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

This workshop has also been adapted for leaders and teams in the Braving Workshop for Leaders.


This one of a kind workshop is offered both outdoors and indoors. Using a backdrop of the beautiful West Coast as your inspiration, experience nature therapy at its best at one of our two locations, Bowen Island, West Vancouver and Lynn Valley Headwaters, North Vancouver.

Or experience it in the comfort of your own space, whether it’s your office, corporate space, community church, community Rec Centre or your own home if the space allows.


Once you’ve formed your group and decided on your location, get in touch and we’ll book a date. It’s as easy as that. The hard part is making the choice and stepping into the change you want. Once you’ve made the choice to change, then the path looks more clear, because there’s only one way to go, forward. And if you’re on the fence about it, come anyway, I’ll help push you off that fence! Gently, I promise.

Workshop Price: $195 per person

Use nature as a backdrop for your thoughts.

Your Guide

Your Partner, your Ally, your Game Changer, your Coach

I am your partner in change. I will create a space for you to feel safe so you can be courageous. Because when we’re courageous, we face our fears, we get curious, we seek new awarenesses and we embrace the discomfort that comes with change. And then we begin to see that change is possible and we can grow and expand ourselves in the process. Come and work with me, you’ll know what I mean. 

Commit to Your Change and Learn More Today

I’m currently in the process of converting my in-person workshops into online workshops and programs. But in the meantime I offer all my workshops through my personal coaching programs. So if one of my workshops resonates with you I can offer you a personal coaching experience.

Are you ready for change? Be brave enough to start your change today. All you have to do is sign up and the hardest part is done. Then roll up your sleeves, dive in and let’s get ready to rumble. Let’s go and get your change on and find out what’s possible.