The Courage Sessions & Stories

Stories of Courage

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. 

The Courage Sessions

Conversations about courage, what it means to people and how they use it in their personal and professional lives.

DEI & Change with Nadi Fantastic

In this conversation, Nadi Fantastic, Holistic DEI Educator of, and I test out the FALL Through Change Model as a tool for change in this episode of the Courage Sessions.

Nadi Fantastic works with educators, individuals and workplace teams to engage in conversations of anti-discrimination and anti-racism. In this conversation, we talk about the difficult parts of change in social justice, what people struggle with and how the FALL Model can help people make the change they want to make in this space. Nadi brings a compassionate and no-shaming approach to work with educators, individuals and workplace leadership teams to dismantle historical misunderstandings of racial divide and teach new ways forward. Join us for this engaging, thought provoking and positive conversation.

Mental Health & Holidays with David Lundberg

Leading up to the holidays can be a challenging time for some. As the year comes to a close, sometimes we reflect on where we’re at, what we’ve accomplished during the year, what we didn’t accomplish and other struggles we still may find ourselves in. 

Join Life & Leadership Coach David Lundberg, from Small Pause Coaching, and I as we have an honest and empowering conversation about mental health and how courage and coaching play a role in helping individuals overcome the challenges they face. With his unique training in Equine Facilitated Learning, David shares his valuable insight about how safety and presence play an important role in helping people face and move through their struggles. 

Speaking Your Truth with Matthew Gould

In this inspiring and insightful Courage Sessions chat, Professional Leadership & Executive Coach, founder of More Co Ltd and co-founder of HTI Institute, Matthew Gould shares that courage means speaking your truth. It’s about figuring out what you stand for as an individual and having the courage to communicate that transparently.

And as a coach, we have a shared responsibility to get the client’s outcome. And so we’re hired to speak into our clients truth, share what we see and have the courage to say uncomfortable things and lend a perspective in service of our clients. Courage is saying, ‘hey, with the objective you defined earlier, you’re going the wrong way. Let’s either change the objective or change direction to that objective’.

Courage & Mental Health with Matt Gould

Reaching out when you’re struggling can be really hard. In fact, most of us don’t do it. But there are tremendous benefits when we do, in fact, it’s actually not smart to do otherwise. With the timing of leading up to the Christmas holiday season, Leadership Coach Matt Gould, co-founder of HTI Institute, and I have a richly powerful conversation about courage and mental health and emotional struggles.

We dive into a courageous conversation about why it’s not only important to reach out and get the help you need, but it’s also the smart thing to do as a leader and business owner. Matt shares his perspective as a male and leadership coach, adding such valuable insight, to a conversation that’s often difficult for men to talk about. 

Conflict & Relationships with Viola Neufeld

As a coach, educator, therapist and facilitator of Transpectives Consulting Inc., and author of Grateful for the Fight,  Viola Neufeld champions the use of conflict for personal change, fulfilled relationships and dynamic organization. In this candid and rich conversation, Vi says that courage is about taking action and moving forward. And depending on how we exercise courage, we either gain confidence or lose confidence.

In relationship counselling, she shares that it takes a huge amount of courage for someone just to make that first phone call, walk in the door and be willing to face themselves and see their own part in the problem. And courage plays a major role in increasing our tolerance for discomfort and trusting the process.

Finding Your Purpose with Alejandra Endara

In this Courage Sessions Interview, Digital Strategist Alejandra Endara, shares her thoughts on courage and the role it played in pursuing her dream to move to Spain, complete her Masters Degree and get clarity on the purposeful work as a social entrepreneur that she now wants to do and make a huge impact in. 

For Alejandra, courage is the self-awareness and act of daring to be yourself in order to dig deep and push past your fears to design a life that’s aligned with your values. She shares that one way she uses it is to allow herself to ‘be me’, my most authentic self. 

Courage in Conflict & Change with John Radford

In this Courage Sessions Interview, John Radford of Transpectives Consulting Inc. shares how courage comes into his work everyday and the value he sees in it in overcoming adversity and personal growth. He sees courage as facing fear, not just external things, but the fear we have within. And the challenge we have in life is facing our fears. 

For the past three decades John has been helping organizations and leaders across the globe to embrace diversity and uncertainty while leveraging conflict for corporate success and personal leadership growth. Join us for this inspiring conversation and stories of courage.

More Courage Sessions Coming – Watch This Space…

What are your thoughts on courage and how do you use it in your life, your profession or in a challenging situation or life circumstance you had to overcome? If you’d like to chat with me about courage, reach out, get in touch, let’s have a courage session together. 

There is no greater threat to the critics and cynics and fearmongers than those of us who are willing to fall because we have learned how to rise.

– Brene Brown –

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Conversations with my clients about their coaching experience and the difference and impact it made in their lives.