It’s not about overcoming a challenge, it’s about who you become and what you learn when you overcome a challenge.

But when difficulty is upon you and you’re at the grips of uncertainty, discomfort, unknowing or perhaps grief, how do you keep moving forward? How do you remain optimistic and positive about the future when you can’t even see past the challenge you’re in?


It starts with courage. It takes courage to believe in a future different from where you are. It takes courage to be honest with yourself about your reality. It takes courage to believe you are strong enough, smart enough and able to overcome the challenge that you’re in. And it takes courage to step out, spread your wings and have faith that you will learn to fly and build your strength on the way down.

May these quotes inspire and motivate you amidst your challenge, however big or small, and assure you that you will get through this, you will overcome this blip in the road and you will come out smarter, stronger and more resilient for the next challenge to come your way.

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