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What I Offer

Coaching Services

Life Coaching

Specialized process helping and supporting individuals to find clarity, purpose and direction during major life and career transitions.

Business Coaching

Comprehensive and solution focused process for purpose-led entrepreneurs wanting to grow a successful thriving business.

Leadership Coaching

Powerful and supportive process to provide clarity and direction for leaders to reach their full potential and achieve better results.

Adult EQ Coaching & Assessments

Coaching focused on developing Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies for business owners, leaders and teams to improve personal effectiveness, build stronger teams, resolve conflict and more.

EQ Coaching

Youth EQ Coaching & Assessments

EQ skill development coaching for young adults in the transition period between high school and post secondary education to identify their strengths, build their confidence and help them get clarity on their path ahead.

Online Course Helping You Through Change

Falling Through Change Workshop - Product Image

Falling Through Change Workshop

The Falling Through Change Workshop is an individual online course, delivered in workshop format, guiding individuals with a series of videos and exercises, through an inspiring learning process of how to move and grow through change.

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