Whatever challenge you’re facing, whatever struggle you’re in, I get it, I hear you, I’ve been there too.

I know that uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty, of fear stuck in your throat. I know that feeling of knowing the right thing to do but being scared to death of what happens next.

How about the whole concept of change, whether you’re thrust into it or you choose it for yourself, it somehow brings up all the weak spots and all the insecurities that you’ve so craftily tucked away from public view. And now they’re all in the open, for all to see, for all to witness. What if people find out we’re not perfect and we don’t have our s*it together?

Whether your challenge is in your personal life or professional life or both, don’t worry, you’ve got this. It’s all there my friend, you have this, you can do it.

You’re capable of overcoming it all. You have the capacity to rise up, to tap into your strengths, to find that shining light inside. You’re built to survive adversity and struggle and you’ll find a way this time, and then again and again.

And if there’s any doubt and you don’t believe any of this to be true, reach out to someone who does. As much as we’re designed to overcome challenges and adversity, we’re also social beings who benefit from the support of others.

This is the fundamentals of coaching. Coaching is someone to come alongside you in your change, in your challenges and amidst your adversity to help you keep moving forward. Coaching is your cheerleader as much as your challenger and it is someone who unlocks what is blocking you and opens up a different perspective for you to take the next step.

Who am I as a coach?

I know what it takes to overcome great challenges because I’ve had my own. I know what it takes to get back up because I’ve truly fallen to the bottom. I know what it’s like to want to move forward but not being able to see what the destination looks like. And I know what it’s like to build myself back up again, stronger, wiser and more tenacious than I ever was before.

So, like I said, whatever challenge you’re facing, you’ve got this. You can move through this. And if there’s any doubt and if you need it, I can walk alongside you, encourage you, cheer you on and challenge you to be the best you can be and living nothing but at your fullest potential.

Are you ready for change?